Nokia 5228 is mid-range smartphone presented by the manufacturer in June of this year. It is model that goes to enlarge the family of phones dedicated to lovers of music providing the user the ability to listen to your favorite tunes anywhere, thanks to long battery life. So Nokia 5228 it is quite similar to […]

The Sony Ericsson Naite phone is suitable for those who have busy days and want tool to access the Internet, make video calls and manage the schedule in an easy and super fast way. This is one ecological mobile phone. This producer of mobile phones, as evidenced by the electronic manual, the packaging made of […]

LG Electronics launched the Lollipop mobile phone – cellphone with surface showing the number and pattern of LED lighting and screens, coupled with its cartoon-looking interface, so that the overall design of the device is even more fascinating. LG Lollipop, also named as LG GD580 was revealed just before Christmas in Taiwan. The Lollipop stands […]

Nokia 2320 Classic is dual band GSM candybar compatible with GPRS and EDGE networks. E ‘has Bluetooth, email client, 32 MB internal memory and 1020 mAh battery. The Nokia 2320 Classic is phone with one-piece body, with support for quadband GSM and EDGE and GPRS connectivity. The mobile phone screen has resolution of 128 x […]

The Samsung H1 is smartphone produced in collaboration with Samsung and with technical features interesting but mainly presents the innovative Vodafone 360, which allows you to integrate contacts, information and updates, as well as easy access to social networks. The specifications include support for UMTS network and HSDPA, 3.5-inch AMOLED display with resolution of 800×480 […]

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