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How do you install sim card in cell phone? Hello, I ‘m type of anti-technology person and I ‘m that question as andrei about installing sim card in cell. You have to disassemble the phone or look inside the phone somewhere? Thank you, Abe

Asked by natiplaya93: My w800 never fully charges and when i take it off the charger it goes at 100% then when i use it the battery just drains and after about 1-2 hours of use it will die any ways to fix this? or just get new battery

My friend owns Samsung phone, so he’s the father s that I get good samsung phone for my birthday! They don’t even have to pay for the minutes! Related Posts Similar Posts on Samsung Phone The new hotness – the Samsung F480 Hugo Boss hits the catwalk … Samsung BlackJack II AT&T Phones | Haredware […]

ethweg asked: Now that AT & T will pay them to use another cellular network, which careers will be an option for the iphone? I think the answer is no because of technology, but it works with Verizon? Finally, I pray no comments on whether you like the iPhone or not. Please reply to question […]

Storm01 asked: I was wondering in case comprassi phone from Virgin Mobile can switch to the cellular it to us?

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