Nokia Reviews

Nokia X2 was already presented in  August last, but we thought that this phone i still worth writing about today. This multimedia phone belongs to the low price segment – it costs just around 100 Euros, but it has lot of extensive multimedia features. The most impressive feature of the phone is the 5 megapixel camera […]

Nokia 5228 is mid-range smartphone presented by the manufacturer in June of this year. It is model that goes to enlarge the family of phones dedicated to lovers of music providing the user the ability to listen to your favorite tunes anywhere, thanks to long battery life. So Nokia 5228 it is quite similar to […]

Nokia C3 is the next device in its C-series. The C-series consists of phones that are mainly known for their good at communication capabilities. The Nokia C3 is no exception and is therefore equipped with QWERTY keypad for text messaging and Nokia in particular to facilitate mailing. Other devices in the C line include the […]

Nokia, the leading of mobile phone manufacturer that has lost lot of its market share in the recent years, wants to return to the top of the world in the field and. After the presentation few weeks ago on the Nokia World 201,0 the Finnish giant intends to meet the onslaught of the iPhone. The Nokia […]

Nokia 5230 is touchscreen phone by the Finnish manufacturer on the market. Early this year, It is cheaper than Nokia 5800 and has less features. Last summer, the Nokia 5530 was launched. Now Nokia brings the 5230 is on the market. The big difference with the 5800 and 5530 lies in the price tag that […]

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