Nokia 2320 Classic is dual band GSM candybar compatible with GPRS and EDGE networks. E ‘has Bluetooth, email client, 32 MB internal memory and 1020 mAh battery. The Nokia 2320 Classic is phone with one-piece body, with support for quadband GSM and EDGE and GPRS connectivity. The mobile phone screen has resolution of 128 x […]

jozallen asked: I recently sent sound to my phone and then I kept him on the phone. What I wanted to do was to use this sound as ringtone, but when I went to change the ringtone sound wasn 't listed, so as I really goes to where the sounds save on phone? I do […]

Kate B asked: My father is in his seventies in advance with the problems of hearing and in his current mobile doesn 't it appropriate. He can 't hear the ringtone and even when CAN and answered the phone, can rarely hear the person on the other end. I want pay as you go phone […]

Luis A asked: When I bought the assistant 3, came with ringtone called "T-Jingle" gradico this ringtone lot. I have not seen in other places. Soon I'm going to get new phone. But how can the ia from the fact that ringtone in my computer?


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