Nokia 2320 Classic Review

Nokia 2320 Classic is dual band GSM candybar compatible with GPRS and EDGE networks. E ‘has Bluetooth, email client, 32 MB internal memory and 1020 mAh battery. nokia 2320 classic review

The Nokia 2320 Classic is phone with one-piece body, with support for quadband GSM and EDGE and GPRS connectivity. The mobile phone screen has resolution of 128 x 160 points to 65535 colors TFT. The battery ensures an autonomy of 528 hours of standby or 300 minutes of talk time. The Nokia 2320 Classic also has Bluetooth connectivity, email management and polyphonic ringtones. The phone is available with Black shell.
Nokia 2320 Classic is mobile DualBand innovative design and straightforward, integrated antenna, color display with illuminazione.Disponibile version with shell Black. Equipped with SMS, MMS, Email, T9 predictive text, vibrate, alarm clock, calculator, clock, phone book, speakerphone, airplane mode. Develops connectivity GPRS 4 +2, Bluetooth, Edge. There are 24 polyphonic ring tones and can be downloaded from the Internet many images, logos and games. It has 32 MB of expandable memory.

Nokia 2320 Classic Specs

Dimensions 10.7 x 4.6 x 1.4 cm
Weight 76 grams
Stand-by time 540 hours
Talk Time 240 minutes
Color (s) Black
GSM dual-band networks
Bluetooth 2.0
Color  / 65,536 colors
Camera / Megapixels
release date Fourth quarter in 2009

11 thoughts on “Nokia 2320 Classic Review”

  1. I was interested in this phone, but every other website I look at says that it does NOT include Bluetooth. Need to step up to the 2330 for that.

  2. I bought this phone based on this review – that it had Bluetooth, however, I searched all the features and read the manual … it does not support Bluetooth.

  3. AT&T mobile says it has bluetooth, on their go phone website, so it better have it —- or it’s going to be returned……

  4. Just spent most of the day trying to resolve the lack of bluetooth on my 2320 w/ATT. of course, their website details for this phone says it DOES have bluetooth. however, after escalating this, it turns out that ATT does not support bluetooth file-sharing for this go phone (all?) and have disabled the bluetooth feature for the 2320.

    please complain loudly for false advertising and tread lightly.

  5. Nokia 2320 GoPhone is good choice to use it. It’s easy to use with normal features like other Nokia heandsets. Nokia 2320 GoPhone have great call quality, you can also download stuff from the WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser.


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