60 thoughts on “Blackberry Facebook Problems”

  1. Before acquiring my blackberry phone, I use to log into facebook through my nokia cellphone with my cell no. I am now trying to access facebook through my blackberry using my gmail account which has been updated onto my facebook account, but each time I type my gmail address as my login & my password, it tells me incorrect username or password, but yet this is the username & password I use to access my gmail. I received the confirmation link from facebook, but nothing works. PLEASE HELP!!!

  2. I am using a blackberry phone and I used to be able to see my info page on FaceBook as well as my friends info page now all I see is a white screen.Is there a setting that needs to be changed in order to see this info again. Thank You

  3. I started having problems posting pictures from my BB onto facebook in the fall. Sometimes they went sometimes they didn’t. Now they don’t go at all. Now I cannot even check notifications. Is there no fix in site?

  4. Trying to share a message on facebook using my blackberry curve and i’m getting a message “Facebook was unable to fulful request due to an unknown error”. What do I do?

  5. I just got my Blackberry Curve a few weeks ago and am not really impressed. I am missing Facebook notifications constantly, gettign error messages, and dropping calls in areas where I never lost calls with my old phone before. Grrr…

  6. My blackberry9700 cannot connect to Facebook. My country doesnt have BB service so I am only using data service. Thing is, my friend using a Bold 9000 can connect to her FB.


  7. Facebook sign in page disappears before I can sign in and
    i get an error on my Blackberry that says “your session has
    expired please re-login. Is something wrong with my Blackberry or is it a Facebook issue?
    I reinstalled like 4 times and no result.. Please help…

  8. I’ve signed up with facebook B4 I got my email which means I sign in with my cell no.bt now that I got my blackberry the facebook that I’ve downloaded doesn’t allow me 2 enter my cell no. N I cnt hget into my fb profile. Is there any other fb I cn download I’ve tried evevrything even tried downloading fb from google it still dusnt give me the option I nd. HELP!!!!!

  9. I have a problem with my messages. It either says uploading messages and takes forever or after I read my messages, I delete them and they still keep showing and still show on my notifications

  10. I’m having a problem with Facebook on my blackberry. Message keeps flashing up saying I am trying to enter a secure connection to: fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihdt.net But the servers certificate contains a different domain name????.Then asks to continue, then view then close connection?
    Can anyone help

  11. I am having the EXACT same problem Vivienne! SO infuriating. I have found a few people having the problem with it, and I’ve re-installed it and what not but there are just no answers out there.

  12. Having problem with wifi on blackberry. Every time I try to share a facebook link with friends just the words that someone else wrote. The actual link will not share. Every ting else is working. the likes and comments but have problem sharng fb links.

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