We have got lot of complaints from people lately, who have problems using Facebook correctly with their Blackberry phones.
Here are few solutions to some known issues: 

One of the most common problem is with images.

Today I took picture and for the first time I selected the option “Send to Facebook” so to load the image automatically to my profile on Facebook. It was uploaded very well, but how can i remove the uploaded image with my Blackberry?

Go to settings -> phone -> display -> icons. You should be able to fix it there.

Can’t login to Facebook with Blackberry phone
Facebook sign in page disappears before I can sign in and i get an error on my Blackberry that says “A problem occurred while trying to render the page”. Is something wrong with my Blackberry or is it Facebook issue?

This seems to be common problem. I don’t know the exact cause of this, but trying to browse Facebook through the Facebook app instead of the regular browser on Blackberry should solve it.

I want to know, who i do not receive notifications from Facebook to my Blackberry?
I have reviewed the notification settings on Facebook and all is turned on there. The only thing that has come to me are the reports that people who see your profile.

Please check in case you have version 1.3.0 installed, in case so desinstalenla and install the version 1.2.0 that was removed by RIM few hours after having taken due to problems with the notifications, in another post put several links.

Download problems with Blackberry and Facebook

When I try to download from facebook i get download error message. First i thought that it was my mobile operator issue, but i tried with different operator and i am having the same problem. I hope will help me because I have spent lot of time trying to find solution for this problem,
hopefully help me, thanks in advance

What does the error message say? Upgrading Blackberry software usually fixes this kind of problems.


If you have any problems with your Blackberry and Facebook then let us know in the comments below and we WILL find solution together.

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