Many people have asked us, how you can discover the owner of phone number. The answer is not simple and the privacy problem is further complicated. We list series of more or less effective systems to get to discover the owner of the number. Reverse Phone Lookup Often those anonymous calls us can hide your […]

The Samsung H1 is smartphone produced in collaboration with Samsung and with technical features interesting but mainly presents the innovative Vodafone 360, which allows you to integrate contacts, information and updates, as well as easy access to social networks. The specifications include support for UMTS network and HSDPA, 3.5-inch AMOLED display with resolution of 800×480 […]

Samsung widens the range of mobile phones that use the revolutionary platform of Vodafone 360. Now it will be available in stores and online shops within the new Samsung M1 – the second Samsung phone which was created specifically for the Vodafone 360 services. Vodafone 360 is the new open platform for Vodafone to meet […]

The researchers of the CNR said the Internet of the future will mainly by mobile phones. To date, however, from mobile Internet can be real drain: Because of poor infrastructure (Vodafone, not surprisingly, has limited the use of VoIP and P2P that saturate the bandwidth) is not possible to offer real flat fees, in the […]

Telecom Provider Vodafone is introducing new service for both mobile phones and internet. The service is called Vodafone 360 It allows the contact in the phone to combine with community Internet sites, including Facebook. This made Vodafone, the second largest provider of mobile services measured by revenues, announced on Thursday. The company wants to take […]

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