Nokia X2 was already presented in  August last, but we thought that this phone i still worth writing about today. This multimedia phone belongs to the low price segment – it costs just around 100 Euros, but it has lot of extensive multimedia features. The most impressive feature of the phone is the 5 megapixel camera […]

Nokia 5230 is touchscreen phone by the Finnish manufacturer on the market. Early this year, It is cheaper than Nokia 5800 and has less features. Last summer, the Nokia 5530 was launched. Now Nokia brings the 5230 is on the market. The big difference with the 5800 and 5530 lies in the price tag that […]

Engineers Division Nokia Beta Labs are working on some new set of applications for Nokia phones called Nokia Bots that can understand the habits of users to automate certain commands. Currently, the team of Nokia is focusing on four main features: the lighting, the shortcuts of the software, battery and user profile. Assuming that person […]

As expected, Nokia and Symbian have the new Symbian Foundation platform v3 announced that the first one in its history that is completely open source. The main innovation on the Symbian platform is of course that it is completely open source. Other major innovations include HDMI support, integration of the music store with the radio […]

In February we can again prepare for the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona. And although the rumors first struck like bomb, namely the lack of Nokia as an exhibitor at the MWC 2010, soon proved that Nokia had very different plans for MWC. Unlike the other major brands, Nokia puts down his own event […]

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