1 thought on “Installing A Sim Card In A Cell Phone”

  1. Pull the back off. Don’t be afraid. A phone only has so many moving parts. It is like a battery pack.

  2. take battery cover off phone ,remove battery,slide silver tab back which hold sim card in place and pull it out,reverse to install.thanks for the 2 points

  3. usually the sim card slot is behind the battery but its different on all phones. look for your phones battery and take it out (it is easy to take out and usually has something to hit to make it pop out) and you should find a tiny slot for your sim card.

  4. You have to tear out the card from the big card and then you have to insert it into the slot located under the battery pack with the metal part facing down and facing the inside of the phone.

  5. mr. abe….turn ur cell off

    1) turn ur cellphone n open up the back case
    2)remove the battery
    3)u should see a place to put a sim card..juss slide it in
    4)attach the battery back in
    5)put the case on n u r ready to rock

  6. Hi buddy,

    If u dont want to make some trial & error test on ur mobile , just do one thing take the mobile along with the SIM to the mobile showroom and ask the customer care guy to teach u the functionalitites of the mobile coz each model has a different type of slot to insert the sim and at the same time you can get to know abt the features of the mobile too.

  7. Dont be afriad to just pull off the back cover of your phone. There should be a slot to put the card in by the battery. Make sure you put the battery and sim card back properly.

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