LG Optimus Q is an Android smartphone that had lot of rumors  surrounding it before it was released last year. LG Optimus Q is among the high-end (and priced) smartphones like Google Nexus One and Motorola Droid. LG Optimus Q  is proof that the South Korean company is now working hard as member of the […]

LG Optimus One mobile phone runs on the Android operating system version 2.2 aka Froyo, which has better and smoother user experience and enables multitasking. The screen of the LG Optimus One is able to display 480×320 pixels. This is actually immediately proved that it not high-end smartphone compared to the iPhone 4 and HTC […]

LG Rumor Touch is new touchscreen cellphone by LG that was officially announced month ago at the CES. As announced by U.S. carriers Sprint and Nextel, the device will be available in their stores already. The price chosen for the sale, through two-year contract with the selected company, is $79.99. For those unwilling to buy […]

There has been lot of negative feedback regarding LG’s mobile phones. The LG Neon is good example. Is LG Crystal an improvement? Read the review below and find out: LG Crystal is beautiful mobile phone by LG that has transparent keypad. This HSPA cellphone also has touch screen with S-Class user interface, multi-touch input method, […]

LG Accolade was finally officially presented in the beginning of this month. Please don’t confuse this phone with LG Chocolate. LG Accolade is completely different phone.  It has flip design and its technical characteristics and its price is already known. The flip phone LG is equipped with two displays: main 1,76 inches and additional 1,04 […]

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