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John S asked: Hello all. I want to know in case I buy CDMA phone that was used with another carrier is released but is there any way I could program it for south phone. I was put in touch with the South cellphone and said that they could not do it. I just wanted […]

gosamrao asked: I have Nokia 6600 with the linking of gprs connecting my laptop to the Internet via bluetooth. Can I make call to another mobile phone using the Internet connection of gprs my laptop while I am doing it just through the Internet at large banda? I tried but I could not as the […]

Derek asked: I have seen presenter at conference onnect c his mobile phone to your PC so that it could receive answers to questions asked by the texts received by the public. I'm using mackintosh Intel and T-Mobile MDA. Hope to use it with Firefox. Any ideas?

DrJamerlan asked: Get your phone and calculator and see. The numbers 123 are found in the top of the keypad. They are found at the bottom in computer.

I am thinking of buying Nokia n95, unlocked. was planning on using sim card from another country so they could text me in sense affordable for them. I have the iphone on time and only at & t so, I can `t use of other cards, sim. hope someone out there knows about this kind […]

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