gosamrao asked: I have Nokia 6600 with the linking of gprs connecting my laptop to the Internet via bluetooth. Can I make call to another mobile phone using the Internet connection of gprs my laptop while I am doing it just through the Internet at large banda? I tried but I could not as the […]

John A asked: I want to make phone call to my friend in London, from my phone to Atlanta, Georgia, at its London. What special things have to settle for achieving it? None of us have mobile program, but the reall of the name it wants, no matter the price.

Marz asked: My mobile phone is Nokia 6233 and the icon of headphones he appeared just the other day and hasn 't gone away. The 'reconnection tried VE and detach my headphones but doesn' t seem to work! It's really annoying because it means that I must use my headphones to make phone call. Any […]

Haarik asked: In mobile phone, we can cancel the call received without attend to that call. But in telephone basic landline, is impossible. Because it is impossible in telephone land line and how it is possible in mobile phone?

TheManWhoEatsALot asked: I 'm who dial telephone mobile a.m. 1, types know that code to dial the first Mobile number itself? Thank you!

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