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Nokia E51 is at first view simply an attractive device to see. The successor to the E50, which already was thin, despite its flat form has many functions on board. Nokia’s other business phones, such as the E61 or the E90 Communicator, are especially known for functionality, and not just because they are so compact or nice. The E51 is that very much, and so we asked ourselves whether the unit is not on other planes had to return.

Nokia E51 Software

The E51 has lot of good equipment included. Especially as regards connectivity, there is lot of choice. It is quadband handset that supports UMTS and HSDPA but also WiFi. For the short distance, there is stereo Bluetooth and an infrared port. The display measuring 2 inches and is little on the small side but very sharp, thanks to the 16 million color screen and the light sensor that adjusts the light to the area. Furthermore, the E51 about 130 MB of internal memory that is to extend through the microSD memory slot. For the headset is 2.5 mm exit next to the mini-USB port created. In short, the E51 is pretty complete. Only GPS receiver was not hurt, especially since the Nokia Maps navigation software is present.

Nokia E51 Usability

As can be expected from Nokia E-series phone, the E51 is equipped with convenient Symbian S60 user interface. It is also possible to all kinds of ‘third party’ applications, such as VOIP, to be used. Standard are number of office applications available as document viewer, Zip software and PDF reader. There is also ample opportunities for e-mail and very nice internet browser on board.

Below the display we find special ‘One Touch’ shortcuts for frequently used applications. They are subtle eliminated around the joystick. By default they are set as shortcut for the menu, the contacts or new message. Incidentally, all keys to desire for other functions. Additional useful is the dual nature, there may be short press to function as long press to be granted. As for the convenience of the buttons on the outside we are less enthusiastic. They are equipped with sort of rubber bumper to prevent them from being accidentally pressed. Express pressing is also quite tricky … Fortunately, we do not as often as needed.

Nokia E51 Price vs Quality

From the price we are enthusiastic. A smartphone with Wi-Fi and 3G support for approximately 320 euro is not expensive to call. And the quality of Nokia accustomed as we are just fine. The sound quality during call is fine, and the battery performs well. The E51 has only to return to the camera, but that the business can easily be attributed character. The 2 megapixel autofocus camera lacks flash and shortcut and performs very moderate. In the examples below to see that unlike the N-models, on the E-series little attention has been for the camera.

Similarly, the screen we believe may be bit larger. The presence of the One Touch-screen keyboard shortcuts is little on the small side, mainly during the browsing is quite annoying.

Final rating

A successful and attractive business appliance with few downsides. Overall, the E51 is pretty complete and pleasant to use. The S60 interface and high-speed connectivity has great potential. The absence of good camera is to legitimize from the nature of the phone business, although it is pity. From that standpoint, the GPS receiver thing again may be present. But that can hardly expect for this price. For whom stylish business unit searches the E51 is still winner.

Nokia E51 Features

* Compact design with many features for perfect balance between your professional life and your free time
* Read over your e-mail, with support for the most professional and personal e-mail applications
* Surf the Web and send e-mails with superfast 3G, HSDPA or WLAN connectivity
* Call cheaper via the Internet thanks to the built-WLAN
* Keep in contact with the people you are at the heart of everything and stay informed through with long battery life and large internal memory


* (X) HTML web browser


* Integrated WLAN (IEEE 802.11g) with WLAN Wizard, looking for available WLAN networks
* Bluetooth specification 2.0 with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
* MiniUSB jack, USB 2.0 Full-Speed
* 2.5 mm Nokia A / V jack
* IrDA (115 kbps)

Exchange message and e-mail
Exchange message and e-mail

* E-mail protocols with support for POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP, viewers for attachments, special e-mail button and LED indicator for new e-mail
* E-mail support for broad range of solutions from third parties, such as: Mail for Exchange, Visto Mobile and Seven Always-on
* Option to e-mail account you want to select messages to read / write
* Instant Messaging (supports Yahoo, AOL, OMA 1.2, MSN)
* SMS text messages
* MMS messages with pictures, video clips and audio clips to send

Voice Features
Voice Features

* For Press Speaking (PTT or PoC) *
* Integrated handsfree speaker phone
* Voice over IP (VoIP) over WLAN
* Voice Recorder
* Text to Speech: Your messages to be read by your device

* Not available in the U.S. and Canada


* Java ™ MIDP 2.0 applications
* Nokia Office Tools 2.0 with Nokia Team Suite, In-device Search, Quickoffice, Macromedia PDF reader, Zip Manager, File Manager and Active Notes:
o Nokia Team Suite offers user-friendly GI to conference calls for groups to organize and promote, as well as the possibility in flash e-mails or text messages to exchange with group
o With In-device Search, users can easily look up data on the device. This allows messages, e-mails, calendar and contacts easily be searched through this application
o Quick offers viewers for Microsoft Office Excel ® -, Word ® – and PowerPoint ® documents
o Adobe PDF Reader allows users to view PDF documents
o With Zip Manager, the user can receive ZIP files – for example, zips in e-mails
o File Manager to data on the disk of the user or memory card to consult
o With Active Notes users can create notes rich text and multimedia items (eg photos, voice clips, video clips). Notes can be synchronized with the PC and viewed from any XHTML-compatible web browser
* Download! Tool for easy application downloads directly to your handset
* Voice Solutions: support for Nokia Intellisync Call Connect for Cisco, Nokia Intellisync Call Connect for Alcatel (all sold separately)
* Nokia Maps application integrated into the unit
* Support for Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite e-mail, file synchronization, voice and device management
* Support for antivirus software from Symantec, F-Secure, McAfee and Trend Micro. Applications are available through Download! Tool
* Support for Pointsec encryption application. The application is available via Download! Tool
* World Mate: an application with information about the weather, world clocks and currency converter on the move. The application is available via Download! Tool
* Supports Windows Live, provides mobile access to Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Search, Windows Live Spaces and Windows Live Hotmail. The application is available via Download! Tool
* Yahoo! Go: your e-mails, news, maps and much more all consult from personalized Web page. The application is available via Download! Tool

Camera and video

* 2-megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom for high-quality photos and videos
* Video streaming and video playback with H.264 codecs (MPEG4), 3GPP and Real
* Video recording in H.263 (3GPP) and MPEG-4
* Video


* GPRS / EGPRS (Class A, multi slot class 32)
* Dual-mode transfer multi-slot class 11 for simultaneous telephony and browsing
* HSDPA (high speed downlink protocol access) to 3.6 Mbit / s (3G)
* Local data synchronization with Nokia PC Suite

Support for device management
Support for device management

* Nokia Intellisync Device Management (sold separately)
* OMA (Open Mobile Appliance) Device Management 1.1.2
* OMA Client Provisioning 1.1
* OMA Data Synchronization 1.2 (no e-mail)
* Firmware update via the Internet (Oti)


* Color of 2 “(240 x 320 pixels) active matrix and support for maximum of 16 million colors

Memory Functions
Memory Functions

* Up to 130 MB user memory
* Expandable to 4 GB with hot-swap microSD card


* MP3 music player
* Compatible with Bluetooth stereo headphones

Working Frequency

* GSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/2100

Personal information management (PIM)
Personal information management (PIM)

* Contacts, calendar and task list: supports PC synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes via Nokia PC Suite

Battery Talk time Standby Capacity
Nokia Battery BP-6MT Up to 4.4 hours Up to 13 days in 1050 mAh

The operating time varies depending on the technology for radio access network and use.

* Supports MP3 formats, MPEG-4, AAC, eAAC +, WMA, AMR-NB and AMR-WB

Contents of the marketing package

* Nokia E51
* Nokia Battery BP-6MT
* Nokia Travel Charger AC-5
* Nokia Data cable DKE-2
* Nokia Headset HS-47
* Nokia E51 CD-ROM
* Quick Guide
* User’s Guide


* Dimensions: 114.8 x 46 x 12 mm
* Weight: 100 g
* Volume: 61 cc

* S60 3.1 Edition
* 5-way button, two function keys, send button and call button
* Nokia Eseries keys for quick access to contacts, calendar, e-mail and the start screen of the device (Active standby)
* Enhanced Active stand-by for business use: quick access to your favorite applications and an overview of the activities of the day, directly on the main screen of your device
* Key Mute and volume buttons on the right
* Push-to-Talk * / voice recorder button on the left
* Power button on the top of the unit
* Neighborhood Lightsensor
* LED indicator for new e-mail and SMS / MMS messages, and notification in case of missed calls

* The support for this feature varies depending on the region
Related documents
Related documents

* Certification information (SAR) (in English)
* Ecological statement (in English)

8 thoughts on “Nokia E51 Review”

  1. If old n70 user I am super happy with the new e51! The n70 was also good but a bit rude and that cover … awkward camera. It was also the Symbian operating system is not the fastest. Many complaints about the N73 heard. Here better the e51 bought> much faster and more stable.

    When e51 is that otherwise, the new Symbian runs fast and stable here> beautiful. The unit is solid and feels like that. Yet it is an elegant design. (candy bar). Please note by ordering via the Internet, I have already heard several times people who implement the silver unseen ordered. When they were unpacking the unit against heavy fall (in terms of appearance), a far too high bling bling content. In the picture looked so beautiful … Did you once the broken seal of the box, you can not swap Nokia! First, see life is the motto. My black looks just peppie out!

    You can no fewer than 12 assign keys to all sorts of features you want to rap calls. Also easy: with one button press is bluetooth off. (save power) The battery will last long unheard> or even 3 x fully discharging and charging all the way back.
    Toetsjes are large enough and cracking very light in the beginning. This is, however, after a couple of times to use disappeared. (New shoes also cracking)

    Sound is crystal clear and the screen displays a beautiful image. Indeed, the on / off button on top must be pressed strongly. Just stick to the device vibrates and he started at. The camera of the e51 has the same resolution as the older n70. (2MP) Photos makes it much sharper! And faster! Is not a flash in … I think this is a joke anyway .. For the camera, you do not have this player, better than the N85 purchased. (thicker and more expensive)
    Also, the e51 no built-in GPS antenna. This saves a lot of place and batteries! The one time you navigate you can also bring your GPS mouse. Buy or an original tomtom mouse! I first had some ukkemelubbus mark and when the signal was always broken. Rotding after it was stolen, but nonetheless a real mouse tomtom bought and people, it just works. One SIRF 3 processor, 10-hour battery and very fast, steady fix up to 11 satellites. Even in car parks, in the dashboard locker or your pocket, he works! I’ve had with the n70 navigated by the whole of Europe. In Madrid, the taxi driver even used (or even put on Spanish, haha) That man Saturday the whole trip with his mouth open …

    The installation of what has tomtom6 feet into the earth because the e51 had not accepted the software. Always came the message “certificate expired or invalid.” The date one year also helped restore not. Then at a U.S. forum found the solution: menu> tools> settings> Applications> App. Management. (the latter is out of the picture> So just scrolling around!) Dan software installation on “everything” continue. Online Certif. Code to “off”. Suddenly tomtom6 installed the program and now runs as a ray of sunshine! This is the same tomtom6 version that also works on the N73, but not the n70! (older version)

    The e51 show more types of software not to accept just anything above truck and it will probably work. The new Symbian start the tomtom6 now gierend quickly! Too bad you first such legal page and x-road. If anyone still has a tip to disable it, please!

    Moreover, the WLAN / WIFI rest a fun thing. I had him in 2 minutes on my wireless network to crack. It also lets you screen (virtual) run so you have a wider page. Furthermore, many providers see (the neighbors and the neighbors) you will need to have the access code. I’m curious how he runs on a WiFi point. Surfing is not really long, but getting mail and quickly googelen or read is very well possible. Also photos from the newspaper he cracking clear weather.

    Also important, I found the synchronization with MS Outlook. This is also fine; via cable or a bluetooth dongle (10 meters range for only 10 euro> Sitecom). Attention, but equally all Nokia software from your old PC to remove. Then the new CD of e51 in and the new version of Nokia PC Suite. Everything points themselves.

    E51 is super phone!
    10 out of 10!

  2. Vorrei porre gentilmente una domanda: è possibile sincronizzare le e-mail tra questo cellulare e il computer con MS Outlook?
    Grazie mille.

  3. Rašyt lietuviškai išmokit. Arba jei naudojaties internetiniais vertėjais, tai malonėkit pataisyt klaidas, nes neįmanoma skaityt.

  4. Great phone, I have had 3 of them over the last two years, only problem is the font size which makes it difficult to read the screen without magnifying glasses, the cheaper nokias dont seem to suffer as much with this issue.

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