Nokia 5220 Review

Nokia 5220 XpressMusic brings with it whole set of new music, lean, thin and innovative design. The model 5220 series seeks to differentiate itself from the series of belonging, to make it more tasty and aggressive, and firmly grasp the sensitivity of young consumer. It is mid-range phone, this is true, but his style is certainly deserving.
If what you’re looking for is an abundance of megapixel camera or wide-screen, then you have to go elsewhere, but the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic offers musical experience really rich and exciting.

Nokia 5220 XpressMusic package includes

  • – Nokia 5220 XpressMusic device;
  • – USB cable;
  • – Stereo Earphones;
  • – Charger;
  • – MEMORYCARD 512 megabytes;
  • – CD with software.

Nokia 5220 design

The most singular of the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is its shape. The bizarre asymmetrical silhouette gives the phone tone of novelty and makes it somewhat more aggressive and younger.
The front panel of the device is busy, in its upper part, by 2-inch screen, detector of ambient light and heard the voice inputs, and its controller from the bottom navigation and alphanumeric keypad. Treat the screen and keypad in two specific paragraphs.
The controllers navigation consisting of D-Pad pentadirezionale, the two buttons start / end call, and two contextual buttons that can change their function depending on the application you use.
The navigation buttons, as do those of the keypad are well structured, sober and large enough to be perfectly usable.

Under the keypad at the bottom of the front panel, the seat of the hole for the string, which in the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic has evolved from mere element and practical accessory, in significant aesthetic component.
The right side of the chassis houses the microSD slot for MEMORYCARD de buttons and volume. Both elements are so flattened at the level of the surface of the phone to recognize their effort.

The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic supports memory card with maximum capacity of 8 GB. We have much appreciated the fact that Nokia has improved the design of the microSD slot, and that now is accessible without the need to remove the battery.
The left side of the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic hosts buttons dedicated to music functions and, in its upper part, the entry of the charger.

The upper side of the device is based, instead, to Jack audio from 3.5 mm, microUSB port and the opening of the button cover.
Even in case you do not appreciate the plastic finish of the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic, I admire the apparatus ergonomic design and very practical.
The back of device houses the camera lens and grill the speaker stereo.

Nokia 5220 display screen

The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is equipped with 2-inch screen with QVGA resolution and is capable of displaying 262,000 colors. This screen is certainly among the best offered by Nokia. The colors are vivid and colorful, contrasts little intense.
The levels of brightness of the display are optimized by sensor, positioned above the screen itself, can detect the amount of ambient light.

Nokia 5220 keyboard

The keypad of the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is backlit excellent, and allows perfect usability even more to total darkness. Although the appearance of the keypad is not exciting and it seems little original, it is pretty user-friendly. The buttons are fairly large and well spaced between them, making it easier to input text without the help of the eye.
The percentage of error when writing is reduced to minimum.

Nokia 5220 battery

The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is powered by Li-Ion battery with capacity of 1020 mAh, higher than the 5310 model. This grant extensive autonomy to the device an energy of 400 hours of standby, 24 hours of music playback and 5 hours and 20 minutes of telephone conversations.
The battery life of Nokia 5220 XpressMusic has left us pleasantly surprised, single charge was sufficient for the conduct of our tests (about 6 days).

Nokia 5220 calling

The signal reception and quality of entry into and exit are very good level. The signal is also seen in places of proven difficult and calls are strong and clear on both sides of the communication.
The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is among the many S40 devices to have technology of noise cancellation that allows canceling noise in the background, to obtain clearer and cleaner sound.

Nokia 5220 messaging

Regarding machinery messages there, nothing has changed compared to previous models and honestly not there would be no need, since it is organized so perfect. In addition to standard text messages, the Nokia 5220 can receive and send EMS, MMS and Email.
SMS and MMS using the same and the same editor and all you have to do to turn regular SMS MMS is attach picture or multimedia content of any kind.
The email client makes his work marvel, works with the POP3, SMTP and IMAP4, and supports multiple email accounts. It also supported the standard Push Email.

Nokia 5220 multimedia

Without doubt the music player of the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is among the most important applications of mobile phone. No wonder, then, in case Nokia is committed to implement some small improvement, not so much functionality into the player, as in his appearance.

Interesting also dedicated music keys: they are used to control both the music player is integrated radio tuner. In addition to supporting standard features, the music player can sort tracks by artist, album and genre.
Thanks to Bluetooth profile A2P2 you can connect wireless stereo headsets, in case you have excellent wired headphones, then Nokia has implemented an entry for you Jack from 3.5 mm.

Returning to the music player, it puts at your disposal large number of configurations, such as the 7 preset equalizer that can greatly improve the listening.
If the music on file there should be boring, you can use the integrated FM radio, that with the support of the Protocol RDS is able to display information on the radio station and broadcast on track.

Since the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is mobile-oriented listening to music, you can expect that stands out in quality audio. And in fact, the device returns sound very deep and rich in frequency.
The player is compatible with video formats 3GP and MPEG4. The videos can be put into play in fullscreen mode and also sent forward or backward quickly.

Nokia 5220 connectivity

The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is triband GSM (900/1800/1900) networks with support GPRS / EDGE class 32, but is not compatible with 3G connectivity.
Regarding local connectivity, has Bluetooth wireless connectivity 2.0, with support A2P2 protocol to connect stereo headphones wireless, cable and connectivity microUSB.
Finally, MEMORYCARD microSD slot, which can sometimes be the best way to transfer information, was incorporated in the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic.

Nokia 5220 camera

The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is equipped with 2 megapixel camera, capable of taking images with maximum resolution of 1600×1200 pixels. Unfortunately there is autofuoco that flash.
The camera is little more than complementary and ancillary to the device.
In manner typical for S40 mobile phones, the interface of the camera is not very rich, but in any case is sufficient for the type of camera that must be monitored. It has configurations for the white balance, three levels of quality, and various effects.
The picture quality, after all, is not evil, and certainly better than those produced by 5310.


Finally, the Nokia 5220 XpressMusic is mobile solid with good performance. In terms of functionality and quality remains more or less what it promises. Simplicity, user-friendly price points that address are fundamental to the undisputed charm of this device.
The Nokia 5220 XpressMusic has no 3G connectivity, or camera from sballo, but this is listening device oriented music, and in case you look at what this phone’s for you.

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  1. Nowo zakupiony aparat 5220 przez Orange – bateria bardzo slaba (BL-5CT 1050mAh)- ledwo wytrzymuje 100-150 godzin- uzywany tylko do rozmow, max 30-40 min w tym czasie, przewaznie mniej (nad i obebrane.


  3. compre un 5220 pero al insertar la memoria de 2gigas se colgo…sabe alguien si hay alguna configuracion para poder usar este cell con memoria de 2 gigas sin q se cuelgue…porfa respondan esta inquietud…

  4. Que pasa si pones una meoria de 8g?
    pues bien enseguida metes musica y se alenta aproximadamente 10 min en los que estara muerto solo se queda trabado y no podras hacer nada, y entre mas ocupes la memoria en mi caso apenas llene los 4g es decir la mitad de la memoria el telefono se tarda 15 min en funcionar bien.
    no lo recomiendo al menos con esa memoria.
    tambien es un telefeno un poco fragil
    y gasta demasiada bateria ya que no cuenta con la capacidad de cambiar alguna cancion o subir o bajar el volumen sin que se quede apagada la pantalla se prende toda por lo que es gasto inecesario de energia.
    no lo recomiendo

  5. yo quisiera saber .. cuanto tiempo necesito cargar la bateria del nokia 5220.. porque.. ya me dice carga completa.. i recien vansolo 3 horas..
    por favor responder

  6. pues ami si me parce un buen celular y ue su reprodructor de musica es muy completoo

    yo recomiendo usarlo con una memoria de 2 g io tengo 2g en el mio ii tengo 956 knciones mas foto temas etc
    komprimiendolas claro
    pero en mi opinion es un mui buen celular

  7. please, my keypad 2,5,8,0 isn’t functioning again and ma play button too isn’t working again. Wat can i do please (nokia 5220)

  8. Hola me acabo de comprar uno pero no se de donde bajarle la musica alguien sabe de algun sitio / y como se hace ? Gracias !

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