Motorola RIZR Z3 Review

Motorola Z3 is cell phone like cell phone should be. No scratches, no fat fingers and no problems. We have tested Motorola RIZR Z3, and you can read all about it here …

Let’s start with fantastically impressive at the Motorola MOTORIZR Z3 – or just Z3 Screen! The display quality is quite good – 176×220 pixels with 262,000 colors. Not something wild and flashy, but fine.

But it still. The screen has become scratch free. Combine it with an impressive clarity, and you have screen that works perfectly in all conditions. And the screen can not be scratched! Turn pair of scissors in the glass, run capsule of it, cutting into it with knife, nothing happens!

Scratch-free and non-fat fingers -this describes Motorola Z3 best. Slider feature is elegant and robust. No parts resolving, and aluminum surface provides sense of quality and durability.

MOTORIZR Z3 is an elegant phone. Whether you are businessman, sportsman or big partyboy/girl, Z3 fits well with you and gives them design with elegance, durability and quality.

Besides its extraordinary design, so there is so much more to come after at Z3. The phone can be bit of everything and doing it well.

Using bluetooth, headset, music player, digital camera and call works as it should. But then not too much.

Mediocrity describes Z3’s best features. The ease of use will not have many points where sms-writing, music transfer and menu navigation is not impressive.

Motorola MOTORIZR Z3 video review

But it is really okay, because what can you expect for mobile that costs this much without contract. Compared to the price, you get impressive design and durability, but the features you must not bladder you.

Good mobile phone from Motorola, which is aimed at broad audience. Try Motorola Z3 in case you use the mobile phone into the most basic, but still use it to complete your look. But do not set high requirements.

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