Samsung U600 Review

Samsung Ultra Edition II 10.9/U600

The first thing that strikes my eye is the looks. The phone looks very good. The phone is nice and handy, light and very thin. I feel him just as he is in my pocket. In that respect he fits in my pocket super next to my iPod nano, may be the only thing even thinner as the U600.
I have the phone in the most common color, Sapphire Blue.
It is again something different than, for Samsung, usually black, and certainly contributes to the style factor.
The screen is fairly large, and really crystal clear. The screen performs anywhere really perfect, only in direct sunlight it is difficult to read. Samsung has built separate mode to increase the contrast, but I have not tested.
The format is for me personally really getting used to.
The phone is about as long as my previous phone, but also bit wider and flatter course half.
The Sony Ericsson K750i is, now that I’m accustomed to the U600, almost rude.

About the robustness I’m also very happy. The U600 slide truly sublime. The mechanism is governed by small feather, and runs very smoothly. Contrary to what seems to come, my phone has no play between the two parts.
The device feels solid, and does not feel ‘cheap’ on.
Perhaps my K750i, apart from the defective pookje, something more robust, but I can now say.

The phone has 4 touch keys or touch keys.
If you’re not familiar, it’s really getting used to. In the smallest touch them respond, with the result that you fly through the menus or accidentally call someone or send blank text message.
Now I have them well below the knee, and am very satisfied with.
The rest of the keyboard consists of simple push buttons, which looks much weghebben in terms of the keys of the Motorola RAZR.
They are relatively deep, what they in the beginning maybe what makes difficult to operate. But in terms of construction are they good together.

The menu is, in case you’re Sony Ericsson, as conversion.
The layout is similar to what small differences.
Some features are under another submenu, or have separate menu, such as the Bluetooth function.
This is matter of getting used to, and I can now quickly find all the functions. If you have it, it is very easy, hence the high user-friendliness.

Furthermore there are lot of functions, in terms of size, small little phone. A thick 3.2 Mpix camera makes for good pictures at high resolution, and the video is in MP4 format for good or fairly good movies. Furthermore, all the usual options are in, calendar and alarm, to mp3 player and Bluetooth etc.

The battery life is quite acceptable. After two days trying out all the functions, especially photos and videos make the battery is approximately at the half.
The battery of my K750i will last longer, but given the many features and capabilities of the phone, the battery life is acceptable.

All in all great phone, and the only real significant loss Xenon flash for the camera, the LED flash is not nearly as good as ‘real’ flash.

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