Motorola Motozine ZN5 Review

For Motorola camera phone is faster than anything else. Mobile we have tested is Motorola Motozine ZN5, and we were impressed with the camera function.

It is really not as long as you tried ZN5 which one considers it. For it is inexorably clear that all other camera phones react and take new pictures slowly. Maybe you get used to with time. The first you think when you are testing is that it must be set for absolute worst picture quality, how will it otherwise could be fast. It only to find that it is set to the highest quality, five megapixels. And moreover, is the flash on.

A quick comparison with the N95 (updated latest software) shows time from the main menu to complete picture of ZN5 at about 4 seconds, while the N95 allow 10 seconds more on themselves. It is both about the time it takes for the camera application to start and how long the camera must focus before it can take the picture. Since it is also about saving it and make preparations for the next card that must be taken. Kodak Mobile seems to be faster at every step.

Even when you want to browse the files in the built-in photo gallery, you can quickly. It is obviously difficult for us to say what involvement Kodak had, but it is clear that the camera is incredibly much faster than anything else. Nor may it be ashamed of imaging results. The flash has good range and color rendition of the images are good, in daylight as well as when the flash may work.

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The browser is not capable of such masterly everything, but in phone without 3G is rather connectivity that puts limits. It reacts to such simple things as the font in your browser is uneven and difficult to read, there are such small details that make it difficult and, as one may think, should be very easy for Motorola to fix. For the simpler mobile-adapted pages ZN5 works for the browser is anyway not major barrier.

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