Make An Ecard And Send It To A Cellphone

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I have photo on my computer that I want to convey to my friend 'cell s. I know that your phone can receive images. How do this? Is there Web site? It 'the S.A. Sony Ericsson J220a prepaied GoPhone that has no chance of bluetooth. I 'the VE was able to send an email to your phone, but the link doesn' image 3 kb; t reveals.

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  1. If you have the correct cable then you can put it onto your phone or his/hers directly. If you put it onto yours then you can send it via a text message.

    I know this site works:#
    But it costs money.

  2. Will you please let us know the model number and the feature of the phone
    1st option is for Data Cable for that Handset
    2nd option if that phone has Bluetooth connectivity
    Then all u need is a USB Bluetooth Dongle and Switch ON the Bluetooth for your handset and send the Photo

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