Take A Cellphone Picture And Upload It To My Computer

primal28 asked:

I have picture on my phone I want to transfer to my computer. Is there an easy way to do this? I have new laptop dell'HP with the Internet without wires. Continu aare get errors when trying to send as email and my laptop doesn 't have integrated blue tooth. Maybe I should send it to someone 's phone that doesn' t have editions send emails and can pass me.

5 thoughts on “ Take A Cellphone Picture And Upload It To My Computer”

  1. What I normally do is email the picture from my phone to my personal email address. Once I receive the email, the attached picture can be saved to a file on my computer.

  2. You can email it to your phone, use a USB cable, or use a Bluetooth dongle. I prefer BT, it’s quick and there’s no cables involved.

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