LG Cookie Review

After the enormous popularity of touchscreen phones on the market of high-end mobile phones, the first touchscreen models also the entry-level market to be increasingly popular. The LG Cookie is in this respect also trend setter in touchscreen phones at an attractive price. The specifications of the LG Cookie are fairly modest, though an FM radio, multimedia player and 3.2 megapixel camera is always included.  LG Cookie

LG Cookie Multimedia
Despite the budget touchscreen on the LG Cookie Almost all the multimedia features. The phone does include 3.2 megapixel camera that lets you both stills and videos can record them. Naturally, an audio and video on the LG Cookie is present. The most popular formats like MP3, WMA an AAC audio files and MPEG4 and 3GP video files can the LG Cookie to be played. As mentioned, an FM radio with RDS included.

LG Cookie Apps and Games

The LG Cookie supports quad band GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 networks which Cookie virtually anywhere in the world to use. The LG Cookie also supports GPRS and EDGE data networks enabling mobile Internet can be used. These networks, although not as fast as the 3G networks but with the WAP 2.0 browser you with the LG Cookie is very pleasant internet experience.

Sending files to and from the LG Cookie is effortless thanks to the USB v2.0. Also, the LG Cookie KP500 has Bluetooth which files can be sent and received.

Other nice features on the LG Cookie KP500 are motion sensor games. These are games that you can control by shaking the phone or in certain direction. Finally, the LG Cookie on document viewer, so this unit your Word, Excel and PDF files open and view.

lg cookie review

LG Cookie Specs
The LG Cookie is just like the 8 megapixel camera phone from LG, the LG Renoir, particularly attractive design. With total size of 106.5 x 55.4 x 11.9 mm and weighing just 89 grams this LG Cookie is very smooth in the hand. The operation of the LG Cookie to find the place mostly 3 inch TFT touchscreen with resolution of 240 x 400. This can be done by touching the touchscreen with fingers or by using the included stylus. The interface developed by LG itself is very easy to use. Also provide the handy widgets and shortcuts on the LG Cookie to you quickly to the applications enables several processes. The types of messages is very easy LG Cookie. The built-in accelerometer lets the device horizentaal you keep running into the screen. Then use the large QWERTY keyboard on the screen itself, what types of messages from the LG Cookie easier. The internal memory on the LG Cookie is 48 MB. With microSD memory card is extended to maximum of 8GB. The standard battery of the LG Cookie is Li-Ion 900 mAh and provides maximum standby time of 350 hours an 3.5 hours of talk time.


Motion sensor, Camera, price, design, full-flat touchscreen; player and radio; Widget, 1GB card included


Internal memory, no wi-fi, no GPS, no UMTS


Touchscreen “full-flat 3-inch, 3 MP camera with advanced functions and CMOS sensor, Flash interface,” Widget “and motion sensors are the main features of these cells. It also has media player, radio, “off-line and expandable memory. The downsides are the lack of 3G connectivity, the memory is not very abundant.
Surely the end of the test product that remains is ‘The idea of having cell phone in the hands of last-generation touchscreen technology to not more’ than 200 euros. We also appreciated the very rich and full package purchase, not everyone will have microSD and carrying case.

6 thoughts on “LG Cookie Review”

  1. Since Christmas I am the proud owner of the new LG, the LG Cookie.

    First impressions were very positive, SMS is difficult, but after a week of good training, you get used to it.

    Now I have a small but cruel ambetant problem, ofja, several actually, and I wanted to know if you already have experienced this and whether anything can be done.

    1) Since I have my mobile phone I find that some of my messages are not delivered, my mobile says that they really are sent and delivered (afleveringsrapportje etc. ..) But do not make sommoge off on the other phones? And text messages from another phone (which my parents) do ….

    2) Some messages are sent to me NOT to get to, it happens sometimes several times a day, and on the other mobile phone of the person sending the message does indeed state that they are delivered? And they mailbox is empty, so it can not be stopped so that they are …

    3) I’m quite a poetic type ^ ^ and send messages sometimes quite long, with one old former model (SE Z530i) could get to 10 leave 1 SMS message link. Now the LG Cookie is suddenly only 5, and 5 from the rest are sent as MMS?? So then when my girlfriend gets it mostly to post 5 and then nothing because her phone does not support MMS AND I pay extra for MMS message instead of my free messages that it goes off?

    That can not be right?

    I have long established that many text messages as SMS messages are send, but keep it to the limit of 5?

    Is there a solution?

  2. Both my daughter and myself got this phone for xmas last year and have had constant problems with it. It switches itself off all the time and you lose everything and go back to default settings. I enquired at the Car Phone Warehouse the reason for this and was told it was because of the external memory card which I was using. This is not the case though as when the memory card has not been in the phone it still switches itself off. Neither my daughter or myself would ever purchase a phone like this again.

  3. everything about the LG Cookie phone is great, but when you are texting, and you put the phone so the speaker is facing the left, the keyboard is very small and is very hard to get the right letters into your text.
    It would be better if the keyboard was bigger.

  4. i got this phone and i first liked it but then it swithced itself off all the time and screen scratches easily 🙁 i ended up gettting a sony ericsson w205 which is brill 🙂

  5. its good,,but quite boring,,the camera is good only when your in a well lighted places..lots of applications i used to install were not working.and yea the screen scratches easily even when you are using its own stylus..

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