LG Rumor 2 Review

LG Rumor 2 is cell phone that has had much buzz about it on the web. lg rumor review

Finally came the official announcement by the South Korean LG. This is low-end mobile media that will certainly not compete with the expensive phones like N96, N97, LG Arena, Samsung Omnia and many other phones on the market.

LG Rumor 2 will be sold in the United States in few days in 2 colors: Black and Blue. It has special design with QWERTY keyboard that pops up. (This is one of the best features of the phone) does not have special duties, in fact the camera has only 1.3 megapixels. (We return to prehistoric times …)

The internal memory will be very little, fortunately you can expand via microSD up to maximum of 16Gb.

The LG Rumor 2 was recently released in the U.S. by Sprint and Alltel, and now the phone is about to reach  Canada.Il specializing in mobile messaging feature will be released in Canada under the name of LG Rumour 2.

lg rumorThe telephone operator will offer Rumor 2 from 9 June to just $ 69.95, after signing three-year contract with the telephone operator. Other ways to purchase are: $ 119.95 with two-year contract, $ 219 with contract of 1 year and 269.95 without contratto.Poiché the LG Rumor 2 is identical LG Rumor 2 of Sprint and Alltel , it has the following technology specifications: 2-inch QVGA display, QWERTY keyboard, GPS, Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera  slot.

The phone will be available physically in the U.S. alone, but also will be sold in large virtual network, the Internet. The official price of LG Rumor 2 has not been announced yet but surely will be very low.

For now, we know that will be on sale with the telecom operator Sprint $ 50 with 2-year subscription. (I do not know what are the monthly fees for this operation) In short, cell phone dedicated to those who use cell phones only for calls and messages.

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  1. its an ok phone i guess!!
    just delete your messages every so often err it’ll be slow!!
    its better than nothing i have an iphone now so yah

  2. i like the phone so far. its much better than some of the other phones out there. its nice and i dont think there is anything wrong with it. 😀

  3. the 1st lg rumor was shit i had atleast 4 replacements and sprint has ridiculous rules about replacing phones i absolutly hate sprint and cannot wait till my contract is up!!.. they finally gave me the rumor 2 claiming that i would be satisfied but this phone is a piece of shit as well the thing shuts down freezes wont let me answer the phone and constantly tells me i have 22 new txt messages when i dont.. lg is shit and so is sprint

  4. I love the phone its good and reliable and easy to text with. mine has very good memory, easy internet access, and very good battery storage compatability. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a good, reliable, smart-looking phone, not wanting to go overboard with high-priced phones.

  5. I have had three LG Rumor 2 phones they have all broken in the chrging port after 6 month I would not reccomend this phone to even my worst enemy.

  6. I have the rumor 2. It sucks. Freezes, turns itself off then back on, alarm wont turn off or doesnt turn on at all, wont keep a charge, doesnt recieve txts on time

  7. This phone is a piece of shit. I returned the first one within 2 weeks of owning it. Got a replacement and the second one is just as big a piece of shit as the first. What crap. Stay away from this phone. FUK YOU LG AND SPRINT You both suck

  8. 3 out of 5. Good phone for the first fwe months but after that the battery went bad…went thro 5 different chargers before the phone all together stopped working. Good for texting, calls were clear and ring tones were awesome…nice phone overall but sucks with battery life.

  9. I loved my phone… I kept it safe, I even stored it in a bubble-wrapped pouch of my purse (a little extreme butI have been known for breaking things). Then, for literally no reason, my screen stopped lighting up. I know damn well that there is not a thing wrong. It still vibrates and stuff and the screen lights up but it doesn’t show anything. I am ridiculously angry.

  10. I’m sure this phone will suck in time but for now I’ve a 1.3M pixel camera!WOW…and,ladies I have a huge schlong.

  11. i love this phone only 2 cons are i cant download my ringtones and it doesnt have a missed calls section but I LOVE THIS PHONE

  12. LG rumer 2 touch is a piece of shit Im on my fifth *&^%ing phone now and The shitheads at sprint wont let me exchange. I seriously considering dropping 200.00 on them 2morrow and going back to verizon

  13. I am an owner of a LG rumor 2. I’ve had this phone since March 2010.. It was a amazing phone to begin with, but sometimes it’ll turn off randomly, Won’t charge, and to top it off sometimes i will not recieve text messages from 15 minutes to 3 days! I’d strongly recomend a BlackBerry. and Honestly, the first LR rumor had alot better features then this. I’d get a BlackBerry for the extra 10 bucks.

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