LG Rumor Touch Review

LG Rumor Touch is new touchscreen cellphone by LG that was officially announced month ago at the CES.

As announced by U.S. carriers Sprint and Nextel, the device will be available in their stores already. The price chosen for the sale, through two-year contract with the selected company, is $79.99. For those unwilling to buy the phone through the Internet, however, will have to wait some more days: the arrival in stores of Rumor Touch, in fact, is scheduled for 4th of April.

As this phone is quite similar in its core to the regular LG Rumor, this release has touchscreen as well as the keypad instead of only the regular keypad that LG Rumor had.
The touchscreen is suprisingly clean and responsive as well. Watch short LG Rumor Touch review below:

This model is sadly available only in blue color as for now, The purple and red versions will be on sale on the second half of next month, probably by April 18.

LG, therefore, aims to market this phone to the young people in the US – it has modern and interesting technical specifications, without much exaggeration. A cell phone tip for users who essentially has no intention of spending fortune in purchasing device. We’ll see in case this new product will succeed in establishing itself as the company hopes.

LG Rumor Touch Technical Specs

The device works with LG Rumor Touch CDMA 800/1900 MHz network
It has height of 107 mm, 56 mm wide and 15 mm thick. The cellular antenna is internal. The weight of the phone is 133 grams.

The screen resolution TFT LCD is 240 x 400 pixels x 262k colors.

The talk-time is 7 hours.
The period so suspended is 0 days.

In the cell there is an additional slot microSD, microSDHC memory card that can add

Sounds, ringtones

The phone can play polyphonic ringtones.
If she is in public place or lot of noise, the LG Rumor Touch offers the possibility to activate the silent mode.

Digital Camera
Moreover Touch LG Rumor also has digital camera with resolution of 2 + M and digital zoom.

Audio and video playback
Music playback: Yes
Supported audio format: MP3

Messaging and other connectivity services
Email: Yes
Messaging: SMS, MMS, IM
D `high-speed connections: 1xRTT, EV-DO Rev. 0
Java: Yes
Synchronization with PC: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes

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5 thoughts on “LG Rumor Touch Review”

  1. This phone sucks!!! I bought it and had to have a new one sent because after 2 months it started turning it self on and off! for no reason! no one even had to touch it! Talk about annoying at 3 am! And so customer service is really good, but now my new phone you have to take the battery out 2 or 3 times a day to restart it just so you can get text messages! I say dont waste your money on it!

  2. It’s a phone, it works… to take advantage of any of the worthwhile features would involve getting a dataplan… frankly, this phone isn’t worth that kind of monthly billage.

    My primary complaint, asside from the absolute lack of compatable apps involves the dial pad.
    The dial pad disappears if it’s not being used for more than 10 seconds, whether or not you’re in a call… Getting back to it actually requires MULTIPLE steps… and when you’re in a rush the touchscreen feels much less responsive. Imagine the frustration when dealing with automated systems..

    I have more complaints, just not the energy or time to list them all.

    It wouldn’t be terrible if they had dataplans specifically designed for phones as lame as this. I don’t need to pay 80+ a month for the ability to check my email, update facebook and surf the web on an outdated browser at crap speeds.

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