Nokia N97 Review

Nokia N97 next to iPhone
Nokia N97 on the left and iPhone on the right

Nokia introduced long-awaited new Nokia N97 smart phone, which is supposed to be response to Apple’s iPhone, and RIM’s Blue Berry.

Nokia N97 Features

Cell phone gurus were disappointed, because in their view, this device contained nothing revolutionary, totally new features.
This phone has large 3.5 inch touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard, 3.5G, 32 GB of memory.

The Nokia N97 introduces the concept of ‘So-Lo’, or social location. The system is equipped with built-A-GPS sensors and an electronic compass, so that it always knows where it is. Social networks can be automatically updated with current information, which approved their contacts’ status’ and can update their social location can be transmitted, as well as photos or video.

Widescreen Internet and entertainment

The basic screen of the Nokia N97 mobile computer contains the contacts, content and media that the user always wants to have at hand. Friends, social networks and news with simple touch away. The 16:9 widescreen display can be personalized with favorite widgets frequently updated Web services and social-networking sites. The Nokia N97 is also ideal for surfing the web, Flash, streaming videos or games to play. Dual input options – QWERTY and touch screen – ensure efficient blogging, instant messaging, items, SMS-mail.

The Nokia N97 supports up to 48 GB of memory, with 32 GB of memory that is built to expand with 16 GB microSD card for music, media and other data. This is supplemented with excellent music features, full support for the Nokia Music Store and play continuous day to 1.5. The Nokia N97 includes 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, 16:9 video in DVD quality, and support services such as Share on OVI through blazing fast HSDPA and WLAN connectivity for effortless, direct exchange.

Nokia N97 Video Review

Nokia’s N97 is also too expensive in relation to it that it is coming to the sale early next year in the middle of the recession.

Nokia’s news combined with wide touch screen and large keypad and offers new positioning services based features. The company markets the fact that the most effective mobile phone of what is available on the market.
It will be aviable in the first half of 2009.

This device’s  the recommended price will be around $990 dollars.

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* Explore the world’s cities with maps, A-GPS and city guides in multimedia formats.
* Use the pedestrian to find .*
* Let the built-in compass will lead you right – the map adjusted to the same direction as you
* Use the voice operated vehicle navigation to find the best way .*

* 3-month Drive and Walk license included. When you download maps wirelessly transfer large amounts of data. Your operator may charge additional fees for data transfer. What products, services and features available may vary in different regions. Your nearest Nokia dealer can provide additional information about particular language options. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Nokia N97 VS iPhone 3GS


* Use the Carl Zeiss optics and 5-megapixel camera and take amazing photos of the sites you visit.
* Capture the moment, night or day, with the dual LED flash.
* Take advantage of the large storage capacity (32GB) and bring your photo.
* Upload photos to Ovi Share and share online.


* E-mail quickly and easily via the touch screen of 3.5 inches.
* Easily enter your email.
* Connect via Gmail, Ovi Mail and Mail for Exchange .*
* Use the full keyboard and type messages quickly and easily.

* Some features may only be available via download or upgrade


* Organize your life with calendar – press the calendar icon and keep everything up to date and synchronized.
* Plan your day, organize your to-do lists and set reminders for important events.
* Customize the Start menu to fit your lifestyle – access your calendar, tap.
* Have practical applications, widgets and media readily available .*

* To use widget and get access to its services and content may require fee, depending on the person who developed the widget, and Internet service. Data charges may also be charged for widgets that use the Internet.


* Reach your contacts and messages directly via the contact icon on the Start menu.
* Stay in touch any way you want – by phone, email, feeds, chat, instant messaging, and widgets.
* Get contacts on social networking sites with widgets from Facebook and other sites.
* Keep track of Ovi Contacts .*

* Some features may only be available via download or upgrade

TV and Video

* Watch high-quality video on the large 3.5-inch 16:9 widescreen display, or TV cable.
* Record 16:9 videos with 5-megapixel camera and upload them online.
* Download and stream videos when you’re on the go.
* Bring your favorite movies through the memory of 32 GB.


* Get Nokia music experience with Comes with Music .*
* Keep track of the music by tapping and access music directly from the Start menu.
* Download all your favorite songs in the built-in memory (32 GB).
* Manage and rip songs using Nokia Music Manager on your PC .**
* Experience the brilliant sound with headphones via Bluetooth or 3.5 mm audio connector.

* Availability and price of Comes with Music varies by country.
** Requires compatible PC.


* Use the fantastic pekgränssnittet to play games.
* The buttons on the sides can be used to control functions in the game.
* The game Guitar Rock Tour included.

Ovi Store

* Enhance and customize your phone with content that is important to you.
* Experience much more than just software: widgets, ringtones, pictures, videos, games and flows.
* Make recommendations on global and local content.

Nokia N 97 Features

– Weight: 150 grams
– Dimensions: 117x55x18 mm
– Talk time: up to 9.5 hours
– Standby time: up to 430 hours
– Display: Touchscreen, 3.5 ”
– Camera: 5 megapixels
– GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
– 3G: 900/1900/2100 MHz
– Data: 3G, HSDPA 3.6, GPRS, EDGE
– Internal memory: 32 GB
– Memory location: MicroSD (Max 16GB)
– Connectivity: WLAN, Bluetooh, USB
– Others: GPS, Symbian S60

Package Includes:
– Telephone
– Battery (BP-4L)
– Charger (AC-10)
– Data Cable (CA-101)
– Headset (AD-54 + HS-45)
– CHARGER (CA 146)

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  2. Form Factor, 32G of onboard memory, Multi-Media feature (excellent video playback, music functionality), radio, S60 community, fully-loaded with Joiku-Spot, Bloomberg, Qik and other productivity apps, beautiful large screen.

  3. i have had my nokia N97 for 6 months now and since i got ive had nothing BUT trouble, first the internet was disconnecting me while i was logged into websites like banking, when the phone went died and i recharged it, i had to pull the battery out and turn it back on. Then when i was ringing people they couldn’t hear me. Then my navigator was telling me that it had expired when ive only had it 6 months, and my battery was faulty.

    Now after waiting 2 weeks to get my phone back from nokia (yes it took them 2 weeks to get a battery) i cant make or receive calls and my internet is done but only in selected areas. I rang Vodafone & nokia and they sugested i get a replacement phone but the store i got it through said i couldn’t.

  4. Dear, are you talking about the Samsung i900? if so according to mobileinindia that phone only supports single 3G band 2100mhz, Omnia HD supports Tri-band 3G (900/1900/2100mhz)….I’m not sure but it might work with AT&T’s 3G (850/1900mhz), that’s why it would be awesome if someone who resides in the US and buy the Omnia HD and post some review…maybe Tristan?…lol…if it does work then I won’t have a second thought to buy this phone and if it doesn’t then I guess I have no choice but to buy the N97

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