News from the Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia! The new N-series Nokia N96!
I am going to review of Nokia’s N96 main features.

So what can it do that all the others can’t?
Well, what can it not? Mobile phones in this class are soon so advanced that theycan drive the car for you, but so far you have to be happy with the on-board GPS program.

There is also finally someone who has managed to swipe proper internal memory in phone! The Nokia N96 comes with 16 GB of internal memory, with the possibility of extending the memory card. This gives you room for 40 hours video and 12,000 music tracks!

Nokia N96 video overview

Another feature worth mentioning is that N96 actually has TV tuner in this phone and digital one of its kind, so it might already have overtaken the old flat at home, in the technical specs! One change is that video output cable so you can plugs it in flat!

This tiny miracle is obviously not very cheap, but its good. 🙂