Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review

On last Wednesday, Sony Ericsson introduced more or less new camera phone called the Sony Ericsson Vivaz.
Beside the main feature of phones – calling, this phone can also record videos in High Definition. 

The release was apparently not yet been scheduled for Wednesday, because shortly after the publication of this press release was again removed. Several technology sites had when all the data taken from the message.

So at Phone Arena to read the Vivaz previously under different name doing the rounds in the rumor mill, namely as Kurara. The phone runs on Symbian S60 5th Edition, the same control software such as the Nokia N97.

Here are some video reviews/previews of  Sony Ericsson Vivaz:

The Vivaz has an onboard 8.1-megapixel camera with image stabilization and face recognition. Thus, its HD movies to be included in 720p resolution. Moreover the device also functions as FM radio, and can be connected to television for videos and photos taken on the big screen.

With Sony Ericsson Vivaz communication becomes truly entertaining video with high quality HD allowing customers to create and send their best experiences using the latest feature video capture and sharing.

• Capture – record spontaneous moments and memories in HD quality and high resolution video experience real. The dedicated movie button allows consumers to instantly shoot video with auto focus continues to make the perfect film in every moment.
• Watch the video content-display panel mode or online through Wi-Fi on the screen by 3.2 “.
• Share – upload via Wi-Fi on YouTube and Picasa in high resolution while you are still using the other features of the phone.

The open platform also allows users to customize their experience with downloading applications through the unique and exciting store PlayNow and Symbian Developer Community.

“The content created by users themselves, especially videos, are invading the Web,” says Lennard Hoornik, Head of Marketing, Sony Ericsson. “With Sony Ericsson Vivaz, we created phone that makes it easy to achieve high definition video and upload it own expression of creativity on the web to share with everyone. Sony Ericsson Vivaz offers the beauty inside and out through open and intuitive experience that allows users to capture, watch and share their lives in HD quality. ”

Sony Ericsson Vivaz is characterized by the new design philosophy of “human curves, first introduced with Xperia X10, which will become constant feature of the Sony Ericsson product portfolio. Designed to reflect the shape of the human body, and at the same time offering precise and engaging interaction with the mobile phone, Sony Ericsson Vivaz is immediately recognizable. ”

Sony Ericsson Vivaz
• Video HD – produce and transmit your best experience with the latest features video capture and sharing
• Social networking – easy access to social networks like Facebook and Twitter
• 8.1 megapixel camera – capture the moments of life in high quality
• face detection and smile – picture perfect at all times
• Sony Ericsson Media Player

Sony Ericsson Vivaz supports UMTS HSPA and GSM 900/2100 GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS and HSPA 850/1900/2100 EDGE 850/900/1800/1900.

Sony Ericsson Vivaz will be available in selected markets from Q1 in colors Silver Moon, Cosmic Black, Galaxy Blue Ruby and Venus.

Price of Sony Ericsson Vivaz will be added soon. The phone will come in four different colors, Cosmic Black, Silver Moon, Venus Ruby Blue and Galaxy, will measure 107 x 52 x 12.5 mm for 97 grams, and will be powered by 720MHz processor and battery-backed 5 to 440 hours and 75MB memory expandable up to 16GB with an 8GB microSD in the package.

The device features 3.2-inch screen and can access the Internet through wifi and 3G. The Sony Ericsson Vivaz will be on the market this quarter and will be available in silver, black, blue and red. The price is yet unknown.

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  1. retail price is set at 499 euro,(around 452 british pounds) here in netherlands they sell the phone for 365 euro,(around 330 british pounds) lowest price so far i found of three websites , date of availability is set on march 12th …

  2. Just got this today on contract and must say i am very impressed, still a few software bugs to iron out but it does seem fairly fast, nice and easy to navigate and is bundled with tons of nice features.

    landscape screen is a little tempermental as if you so much as turn it a little too far around it will move back to normal instead of widescreen which gets a little annoying. The wi-fi option is GREAT however.. i can browse the net using my fiber optic broadband at home and videos load fast.

    Overall: very impressed.

  3. is this mobile good?
    What about the camera? are the pic. nice?
    I want it but i doubt…
    So what do i have to do?

  4. i just want buy SONY VIVAZ mobile

    can anyone tell me about hid disadvantage,i mean is it worth buying just a costly model

  5. I just bought the Sony Vivaz Mobile.

    I wanted to tell every body that dont buy this mobile bcz it has so many problem

    1. Low Audio
    2. Poor Camera Clarity
    every thing is waste for this much amount

  6. Hi every one notice the Sony Ericsson Vivaz worse phone ever I advice you dont go for Sony Ericsson Vivaz is very bad phone keep geting frozen and stupid touch vedio crap, HD is all lies not good quality wifi crap the phone been made in cheap quality all plastic!!!! you will regret to get vivaz:(

  7. Hey… I’m interested in buying it, but I have a serious doubt… is its sound better than Nokia 5800’s? Because they look alike in many ways (except for the camera and video things…)

    So, what say you? Tnx for the help!

  8. Hey guys.
    I have Vivaz for a few days now. Every day couple of times resets it self. And wants to enter the pin code of sim card again and again.
    Does anybody know when wil be avalible tnew software update?
    the last software is:
    date: 13-04-10
    am i right?

  9. Hey Guys,

    Its a good phone, it has all the basic multimedia options. as per my observation on past a month only the sound is low. cost of the phone is bit higher for the same.

  10. Please dont buy Vivaz its not worth for wat u pay… its not an HD all lies…photo and video clarity is poor…external sound also poor…i feel its utter waste ….

  11. does vivaz has a vga cam to support video calling? can you tell me how to navigate to the front panel cam of vivaz U5..

  12. HI DUDES Im going to buy its price is here around 250$ . ithink its cammera is the best thing . better cellphone?

  13. I’m using it for 5 days now.It’s fast because of the 720Mhz processor and it doesn’t freeze.The camera quality is good,videos are not HD but way better than D1.The battery backup is fine.I’ve got the blue one and I really really love it.

  14. Hey..I bought mine way back in October 2010 and quite fine with it. The only thing I hate most is that it lags once in awhile. My friend said maybe because of Symbian?But overall,I’m contented with SE Vivaz.The audio is good,camera is just okay,WiFi no problem. I think it’s the area and place you get it. I bought the cosmic black and be sure to get ori for SE warranty 🙂

  15. Had mine 6 months now a nice phone but has a few annoying points.
    Battery charging connection and cover awful.
    No flash on the camera.
    Poor MP3 quality.
    No confirmation text messages are delivered.
    Phone will shut down for no reason then difficult to restart without recharging the battery.

  16. The Vivaz phone is the wrost phone ever in sony ericsson .
    The applications will not install in the phone.
    Only in the specifications speed is high but in the actual speed is very less compared to NOKIA 5800(cost 12000).
    Most problems in the phone is Charging port will become loose .
    After bying this phone port will be loose in eaither 1 day or 1 year but servise center people not able to repair the problem. so money will be in ash only.

    Phone is very slow,
    Camera is worst in the night due to with out flash,
    check the below link about the disadvantages of the vivaz phone .. you will not see the phone after you see the disadvantages

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