Nokia Ovi Store Review

Yesterday we attended an event hosted by Nokia in Madrid, where the new features of new mobile phones based on Symbian were introduced as well as the Nokia Ovi store, where you can download music, applications or games to your Nokia mobile phone.

Nokia, leading global mobile handset producer, presented yesterday its new ranges of mobile phones, whose common denominator is the platform “Ovi”. This new platform is not about any particular application, otherwise it is set of online services to the Finnish brand offer in all its terminals with 3G connectivity. The presentation was made using Nokia E52, so you also will have some details about this product.

Ovi is complete range of services constantly expanding, and whose extension depends on the terminal where we use. Creating an account is totally free, and once inside can download the associated services such as maps, e-mail, calendar etc.. First things first:

Ovi maps

This is GPS navigator included in all terminals that carry integrated factory. The default includes the map of Spain, but can be downloaded free of charge for all countries of the world. Its use, route planning, memorization of certain routes, etc.. be free of charge, voice guidance being the only service that require subscription. Most terminals include compass, which is very useful to orient the map in the correct position. Just as we use Google Maps, with some services such as public transport, Latitude Google or Wikipedia, but we must have an active internet connection to use it, either by WiFi or GPRS/3.5G.

Ovi Shopnokia ovi

The shop is the meeting point for all services, where we create our own and access all related downloads, new applications,. Mainly we downloaded utilities of all kinds. This store is also accessible via PC, and its contents may be transferred via USB cable, so you need not be any data rate for downloading. Depend on the developer to establish cost for the programs, although most are free.
Ovi email: In this case Nokia offers an email account hosted by the domain of “”, which will have 1GB of free storage. Not that we assume nothing new, but in case users want to have an email account exclusively for the phone is not bad idea.
Ovi contacts and calendar

One of the major constraints they may suffer user terminal is losing all your contacts in it. For some years there are applications that allow us to synchronize with the PC, but now this is task simplified, because in just seconds online and will do so with the assurance that they will never be erased.

Nokia Ovi Store on Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia Music Store: We are facing one of the major sections that are clearly differentiated with respect to the main store, we need to create ourselves as separate account. As you can imagine, this is music store as complete and is updated daily with the latest, more or less like the Apple Store. The music they buy will be protected, yet we can freely copy and listen on your PC or any other player. Each song will have test mode via streaming to hear his first thirty seconds and see in case it is to our liking or in case indeed it is the song we were looking for.

Nokia N-Gage: Next aa music store is another great application that requires segregated account of the principal. It’s just game store where you can access hundreds of them, download the demos and then decide whether to buy it in way very similar to how these trial versions on Xbox Live. The amount of games available is much less than the Apple Store, because the controls are much more demanding and the vast majority of applications pass series of filters to ensure that the client would reach the games with bit of quality.

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