Apple App Store Reached 2 Billion Downloads

Apple has announced that the number of downloads in its App Store has reached two billion. Since the launch of the App Store has enjoyed incredible success. apple app store

Apple has announced that its App Store for iPhone has reached new milestone. Less than six months after reaching one billion downloads of Apple may back new log record. This time, the counter of the shop at two billion downloads Apple yet and it sticks out head and shoulders above its competitors. What is striking is that much more paid applications are then downloaded via the App Store for free applications. It should also be clear that the Apple App Store no wind lays eggs. Despite starting more developers and consumers to oppose the rules of Apple. So, Apple is now the rage on the neck of Google achieved by the refusal of the Google Voice application and both parties are now using the government to fight it out. Consumers do not agree with the policy functions such as tethering simply not be allowed when there is high demand.

app store

Nokia gets on these issues useful in the regulations surrounding the Ovi Store just what to make larger. Thus, consumers can re-download already downloaded applications. Nokia also plans to open his shop to make and even after the introduction of the Nokia N900 will be great battle to add as many open source applications in the Nokia Ovi store.

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