Nokia 5800 XpressMusic en mis manos

For the first time in long time Nokia has released mobile phone with touchscreen. The display screen is like an iPhone , but the price is significantly lower. We have already tried it.
Given that the price is relatively low (for mobile of this kind) so raised my suspicions immediately that Nokia saved on expensive components, especially on the screen. But the more I tried in 5800 during the launch evening, I feel rather that this screen is really good. At least you won’t notice it when you look at the movie in your phone.

5800 Xpress Music has touch screen, and nice big one. 3.2 inches is the format of the screen. It is not quite the same excellent feeling that the screen in Apple’s iPhone, but almost. The screen is tough, durable, and provides good response when you click with your finger or plastic pen that is attached to the side of the phone.

One question that come true in case your phone supports “multi-touch” – to which the Iphone can “open up” pinch of pekfinget and thumb print on the screen, to zoom into Web page in your browser. But it does not work. Rather than zooming in 5800 by double-tap on the screen, and with double to knock zooms out again. It works really well when I test surfing in couple of different web sites, even in case it is not as elegant as the Iphone.
However, what works seamlessly in the browser is flash, so you can look for example at the web-TV of Youtube and host of other web sites.

At the start screen in 5800, you find icons, shortcuts, in addition to his four favorite contacts – with the picture. Clicking on any of them get up, for example, the last images he posted on his photo blog, various options to contact the person, and more.

Under the screen are buttons for red and green horn, and between them menu button. A click on the menu button leads to the phone’s basic mode, and in case already there, leading to the main menu button. It contains, in the usual telefonvis, icons, for example, Internet or phone media gallery.

When it comes media is smart special button in the upper right corner, just above the screen. By clicking there has been constant access to media functions, especially the music player, but also icons for web, image gallery and video blogging. It feels smooth.

The music feels like the most excellent integrated in this handset. The music player feels really good. Playlists are created in Windows Media format, and considering, for example, Bluetooth or MMS message: as friend. I tried to open playlist of songs that were on the phone’s memory, and then I could choose to download them from Nokia Music Store (for free, because here handsets are configured with Nokia’s music service “comes with music”).

Message menu can be accessed via the start screen or via the main menu. When you enter an sms can use full keyboard formed across the width. The phone has not XT9, so it does not suggest words as you type. However, it is possible to enter sms-text with “normal” numerical keypad, and then you can use T9. The keyboard felt like the natural way to enter text, and it worked all right. The buttons were on better away than at other touch screen phones, such as the Iphone.

In terms of other physical buttons are camera button and, fortunately, locking knob on the right side of the phone. Touchscreen Mobile could lead to many accidental “was ringing.” So having single button to lock (and unlock) screen with the course, is welcome.

The camera offers images at 3.2 megapixels and autofocus. There are photo light, but I have not been able to test the camera in earnest since the launch takes place here on dark music club, without good light at all.

What can be weakness with the 5800 XpressMusic is still perhaps the quality of feeling. It feels bit plastic, as well little harmony with the tremendous price for mobile with all these features.

Other manufacturers who challenged the Iphone s put some effort on the graphic effects, such as images or icons to ZAP by on the screen when you draw your finger across the screen in slide show mode. Such graphic sophistication has probably not been our main focus – for good or evil. 5800 Xpress Music feels like it works better than any other “Iphone-challenger”, but the graphic detail is not super elegant. On the other hand, feels the user experience as whole is very good, unlike competitors who focused too much only to design the graphics.

What is missing in the phones presented at the press conference is the office, such as for editing Office documents. But this is not business-mobile. 5800 based in each case on the Series 60 system, which should mean that you can install variety of software. And it can theoretically run all standard software for Nokia smartphones including on this phone. But because the screen resolution is different, it is not good idea. So popular S60 software that Quickoffice is done right now about to come in version for Nokia’s Touch phones.

Anyway 5800 XpressMusic weighs just 109 grams, and in this slim weight seems to fit right enjoyable multimedia experience.

If there is sufficient competition in the pre-Christmas sales remains to be seen. As soon as we komemr over complete copy of the 5800 XpressMusic we promise to make an exhaustive test.

Type: 3G mobile phone with turbo-3G and wlan
Dimensions: 111 x 51.7 x 15.5 mm
Weight: 109 grams
Screen: 3.2-inch touch screen, 320×640 pixels, 16 million colors
Camera: 3.2 megapixels with autofocus and photo light
Video: Records with 640×360 pixels, 30 fps
Memory: 8 MB on the included memory card, 16 MB memory card as accessories (microSD)
Others: Music player, FM radio, built-in GPS
Price: ?
On sale: Fourth quarter

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