Motorola Cliq – New Android Phone By Motorola

Motorola introduced on Thursday new phone using Google Android operating system and is intended to capitalize on the popularity of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The mobile, the first result of its partnership with Google, is considered by Wall Street as the last great hope to revitalize Motorola’s mobile business, which recorded losses and lost market share to rivals such as Apple’s iPhone 3GS.

The model, which uses Google’s Android program, has mini-keyboard down and five megapixel camera. It is designed to simplify the management of contacts and messages of social networking sites over the telephone, the company said.

His name in the United States will be Cliq, and will exclusively for T-Mobile USA, owned by Deutsche Telekom in the fourth quarter.motorola cliq

In the rest of the world will bear the name of Dexter. France Telecom’s subsidiary Orange plans to market in the UK and France, Telefonica in Spain and will sell America Movil in Latin America, Motorola said.

The company has reorganized its mobile arm around Google’s Android system, hoping that its partnership with Internet giant will help it regain market share.

The central piece of the company is developing its MOTOBLUR software that integrates contacts, emails and text messages, notes and photos as well as social networking, making all these sources of information in “easy to manage flows.

Motorola sees as key step MOTOBLUR compared with competing models such as HTC’s Android and Samsung Electronics.

Motorola’s announcement was expected as an act of survival for the company, which has canceled other models planned for this year to focus most of their development resources on devices with Android.

ABI Research analyst Kevin Burden said that while these characteristics would be important to the success of any smart phone today, do not engage in radical improvements to features already present in models such as the Palm Pre and HTC Hero, both smartphones, ie, with functions similar to those of single computer.

Burden said he was impressed by the role of backup MOTOBLUR, but noted that not enough to make success of Motorola phones.

“It has to do something else because that will not only make people run out and buy this phone,” he said.

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