Motorola E11

Motorola is said by the rumors, with new unit to come up soon. It would be  Motorola E11, device in series that never really was excited.

When the device on the market and is still not clear whether he will come to the Netherlands is also uncertain. The device is in the E-series Motorola placed series that really only has flopped miserably. The device itself would probably in the mid-end category to fall.

The Motorola device is equipped with three-megapixel camera offers 2.8 “screen. What operating system will the phone is not yet clear. The unit weighs approximately 140 grams and would ever live to see light. When is not clear, whether it comes to the Netherlands is also uncertain.

Motorola has eleven September press conference held this press conference was the Motorola Motorola CLIQ announced. The come-back device from Motorola that runs on Android. At the same press conference was the announcement that within few weeks following appliance is to come and that Motorola will rely mainly on Android operating system in his comeback. If the E11 is the phone that Motorola still does not seem to notice the obvious, many argue that this will be the Motorola Sholes.

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