HTC Hero Android Review

Hero Android is new 3G cell phone from cell phone producer HTC.

HTC Hero Android

It took two and half years for HTC engineers to get this phone from the first drawings to a  fully functional smartphone.
With the HTC Hero personalization reached whole new level as never before possible in smartphone. Because HTC believes in complete personalization, you can even many widgets themselves change color or design, all adapted to your needs. The experience continues when you for example streaming stock updater or weather for the next 5 days out from the situation.

Although today’s technology makes it easier than ever to stay in touch with your surroundings, it is difficult to complete up to date. Instead of application after application to open, the HTC Hero much simpler, but just contact to use. When you look you see directly contacts all ways to make contact, and how you have had prior contact. You can even check updates on social networks or see the latest pictures have been uploaded to popular photo sites.

HTC Hero Firmware 1.5
Image by benmarvin via Flickr

Even basic features like call someone, you will pleasantly surprised at the HTC Hero. You can find contact by the first letters of his name to test. Immediately you can see in case they shortly year, they have updated their Facebook status or photos on Flickr have posted.

HTC Hero notification bar
Image by kalleboo via Flickr

With the HTC Hero, you can phone on an innovative and simple way. Your inbox for example, is not just list of emails, but summary of all conversations. You can see it as collection of email, notes and messages. A photograph is not just picture, but also way to quickly and easily your Facebook or Flickr account up to date.

Find anything and overall on the HTC Hero. The special Search button by Twitter, find people in your contacts, appointments and emails looking for you in jiffy.

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