HTC Smart Review

There has been lot of buzz around HTC phones lately, because of the launch of many new and innovative smartphones.

We decided to review the new in the series of HTC phones – HTC Smart.

The HTC Smart is compact phone that helps you to make smarter and more fun.

The HTC Smart is ready for you, for your productive side or your private life. The HTC Smart has Themes – various phone profiles you mood and status of your everyday life shows. There is theme for busy week days, your home screen filled with icons such as email, calendar and internet, to get you through the busy days around to help. There is scene to relax in the weekend, with icons as music, camera and photos on the ground. There is even scene that you can decorate to your own tastes and needs.

HTC Smart was presented few days ago at CES 2010 in Las Vegas. After series of products with Windows Mobile software but, more importantly, Android, the Asian giant is more focused on this third alternative, with an advanced product, from the very good characteristics, which will try to seize portion of market share among affordable smartphones. The technical specifications of the device, as we said, are interesting: First we must say we are talking about product with touchscreen technology and, therefore, now familiar design for this type of product.

The screen size is relatively small compared to the advanced next-generation terminals: LCF 2.8 inch TFT with resolution of QVGA, still large enough to use with your fingers without too much problems. It is GSM compatible with GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSDPA. The Smart is equipped with Bluetooth and USB connectivity, an integrated camera complete with autofocus, digital zoom, flash and video capabilities 3-megapixel, 3.5 mm input jack for standard headphones, memory RAM 256 and ROM memory too ‘ it by 256.

The more you use the HTC Smart, you’ll find more details. For example, with tap on the screen, tilt your internet browser to landscape, so you can see perfectly websites. There is also smart zoom available, which you only 2 taps on the screen can zoom in on text, without you having to scroll.

With the HTC Smart you can see all the interactive pictures of your favorite contacts. Instead of multiple programs open, you need at glance insight into all communications, whether it be email, Facebook message or an update.

There’s also possibility to expand the memory with an extra microSD card. This smartphone has 300 Mhz processor. Its not the highest compared to other products on the market, but still provides good performance. The smartphone comes as compact, highly portable because of its size (104 × 55 × 12.8 mm) and fairly robust. The battery of 1100 mAh, also provides range of highly respected: no less than 7 hours of talk time and about 600 hours on standby in case required, equivalent to full 25 days.

The price of HTC Smart and launch date is not known, yet. There has been rumors that the price will be around 200 Euros ($275 US dollars).

HTC Smart Technical Specifications

Weight: 108 gr.
Height: 104 mm.
Width: 55 mm.
Depth: 13 mm.

Display: 240×400
Dual Display: No
Main: 2.8 inch 240×400 TFT color touch
Secondary: No
Touchscreen: Yes
Sense user interface, widgets

Battery: Li-Ion 1100 mAh
Standby: 530 h
Talktime: 7 h

S.O.: Brew Mobile Platform
Processor: 300 MHz
RAM: 256 MB
ROM: 256 MB

Category: Advanced
Fotorubrica: Yes
Vibracall: Yes
Voice Memo: Yes
Speakerphone: Yes
Predictive text: Yes
Qwerty keyboard: Yes (touch screen)
Connectivity and data ‘

USB: Yes (2.0)
MiniUSB: Yes
PC Sync: Yes
Pict to Bridge: No
Push to Talk: No
Push to Mail: Yes
Bluetooth: Yes (2.0 with EDR and A2DP)
IrDA: No
Access: No

23 thoughts on “HTC Smart Review”

  1. I bought this phone for £100 + £10 top-up in o2 aberdeen, gotta say it’s a cracking little phone for the price that’ll do absoloutley anything you need a phone to do, plus a little more. The browser’s plenty good, no flash support but that’s just a niggle. Having friendstream is a nice touch, and it works really well for quick twitter updates, or facebook if that’s your thing.

    It’s got a really good menu layout, fast connection, a good music player, the camera’s nice, it’s got a decent amount of memory, comes with a 2GB microSD and headphones…what else can I really say? It’s brilliant for a smartphone on a shoestring. One thing I’m not so keen on is the lack of third party support for apps and games, but hopefully this will change with time.

    On the whole, if you’re expecting the full smartphone experence, you’ll be dissapointed. But for £100, this little gem of a phone is perfect for everyday use for just about anyone. And let’s not forget the obvious advantages of not being on a contract. It’s perfect for PAYG.


  2. HTc smart is a bad phone
    It will not support YOUtube videos
    Zooming option is only for video recording
    We cannot change themes more than the phone contains(only 3 themes are in this phone)
    No Wifi,GPS
    No motion sensor
    No hand writtings
    In my opinion Samsung star 3G is good than HTC samrt.

  3. WORST PHONE EVER!!!! DO NOT BUY!!! Had problem afta problem afta problem. iphone now on order. Worst £100 ever spent

  4. I’m disappointed too, I can’t get any connection on O2, server seems to be always down. I also can’t get any apps on the phone as they’re not supported. I really miss “Notes” on my previous phone (N73), and I was also able to go online a lot better on my old phone, with different network provider. Only have this phone 4 days and already very frustrated 🙁

  5. This is the most useless phone and also HTC is not bothered about updating the software as if the buyers are to suffer with the model. The Text messaging takes years to load.

    If i want to reply to a message using my old sony erickson, i would have been able to do it in less than a few seconds and would have already sent the message.

    If i try to reply using HTC smart, I have to pray to god and also wait for ages for the reply context to appear. It might appear. Or if it delays for too long, then the backlit display will turn off to power saving and again, i have to press the power button and scroll the arrow to unlock and then wait for a minute for the screen to come up and then hope that the “Sorry for inconvenience, phone is re-starting or some crap” message does not appear and then wait for the messages to load which might take a couple of minutes. All this made my friends feel that i`m lazy to reply and eventually led me to losing some really good friends! 🙁

    Besides that, there is no Wi-fi and The bluetooth is USELESS as i can`t transfer files between my laptop and phone.

    Recently, the USB cable is giving tons of problems… I would blame the phone instead of the poor cable. I have to re-plug the cable tons of times for my laptop to recognize that there is a device…

    I`m not buying HTC anymore… This is the last and final, unless they can really impress me with a really good software update.

    Otherwise, GOODBYE HTC!.

  6. I purchased this phone seven days ago. But I am not satisfied with the bad performance of this phone. It hangs frequently and I have to take out the battery and insert again.

    Moreover, it restarts now and then. It is an irritating experience for me.

    The sound quality during attending calls is very low. It is being hard to response the incoming calls on the street.
    Above all, the battery back up is worst. If I talk for 4 miniutes, the battery is exhausted. At 10 pm I charged the battery fully. Then I went to sleep. In the mornig I found the battery exhausted.

    Battery problem is so much acute that I feel cheated.
    It is said that the talk time is 450 minutes. But when I complained to the HTC through email, they answered that the talk time is 240 minutes !! But in my experience, the talk time is 20 minutes.

    Every one is requested to avoid such a terrible phone.

  7. I bought it 20 days ago. It looks awesome from the outside, but when it comes to battery backup, it’s the worst.
    In these days, people need more battery backup for net surfing, but even if you don’t use it, the battery will go down in 1-2 hours. Everyday I have to charge it 3 times. It is being impossible to go out of my home with this phone in my phone.

    I suggest everyone not to buy this phone even if it looks smart; otherwise, u will feel like me irritated by charging it 3 times in a day.

  8. Hi,

    As like everyone, I purchased this phone as it looks smart, but the battery backup is very poor that disappointed me, but for this prob, I have solution. In HTC Smart if you disable the auto weather update, you can reduce the battery downtime from 2-3 hours to 10-12 hours that much change it has if it’s enabled.

  9. This phone is a disaster. It looks great but that’s about it. I’ve had it 2 months and I still can’t get my head around how to work it best. Why they named it the ‘smart’ is beyond me.


  10. I have one suggestion, please disable weather update; otherwise, ur battery backup will be for 2-3 hours only. If you disable it, the battery backup will be for 2.5 days, that much change it has….

  11. Hi Nag, I had disabled weather update, decreased brightness of the screen. But it is the same faulty device .. with lowest battery back up…

  12. Oh guys I just don’t understand why the Hell you guys are suppose to ne complaining so very much..agreed you guys have used a better phones before.. But ever since I have brought it I found it amazing.. Just a little compromises and it looks just superb.. The software will just be updated from time to time.. And yet features coming in every now and then..

  13. I bought HTC SMART few days back. If anyone plan to buy this mobile, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND them not to buy this phone. This is a useless moile developed by HTC. Disadvantages are more than its advantages when coming to its features.

    1. poor battery life.
    2. Very poor internet browsing
    3. Cant switch to other audio and video songs when they are stored in a SD card. The next/previous buttons gets disabled when I play the song from SD CARD.

    4. The player can only play limited video versions. Infact only two versions(MP4 and 3GP).
    5. Phone restarts for no reason. This is most frustrating.. 🙁

    If anyone from HTC see this review comment. pls. take this on a positive note and try to fix the above issues. One thing I want to tell you HTC. This is a FU**KING MOBILE you had ever developed..

    Lastly, HTC people are smart enough to fool innocent people and loot their money. And hence the same HTC Smart I think 😉

  14. Had problems with the phone from day one. I bought 3 and am so mad with it. There is NO manual so have to figure it out and its not very intuitive. When copying music to the phone it shows on the PC but actually isn’t there. The MicroSD shows the names but when you try play them it does not produce any sound. Some play some not (ALL are mp3’s). If you set the camera to store on the MicroSD it doesn’t save. If you set the camera to the phone it saves (BUT not enoughy RAM). This the worst phone I have ever purchased. It is the LAST time I buy a HTC. Touch screen is the best I’ve used though.

  15. Battery Backup is very very worst….Useless mobile from htc.plz suggest how to increase the battery back up and i want to remove the date and time from home screen wallpaper.

  16. This is the worst phone i’ve ever had.
    It started off good, but then i started to have a lot of problems with it.
    First of all it wouldnt let me resceve text messages & it still continues to do so when it wants to, i feel like it has a mind of it’s own.
    When you clear your messages it doesnt delete them, you need to go into the ‘deleted items’ part to delete them all.
    The sound doesnt work at the moment and it’s doing my head in, i’ve got it on vibrate so i can actually know i have texts.
    You can’t zoom in on the camera, only when you’re doing a video.
    The battery life is poor.
    the Friend Stream says it’s ‘updating’ but really, it never updates.
    I can’t send stuff via blue tooth.
    It’s slow & turns off when you’re trying to do something that it’s to lazy to do.

    I can’t think of anymore problems with it at the minute, but i know there’s more. The only problem is, i want to take it back to the shop to replace it, but i can’t seem to part with it… & i don’t know why haha!

  17. i got this fone and its amazing! dnt no what everyones problem with it is! its got a great camera, stays charged for ages and has a great memory! btw ramji , delete the quick access things by holding down then drag them off then add whatever ones you like then save it as whatever you want!

    only problem is it can take days for photos to upload to facebook etc.

    but all in all id defo recommend it!

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