Why Is It That Some Places Do Mobile Phone Top-ups And Others Do Not

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hollycatherine99 asked:

Work at WH Smiths (in railway station occupied) and not do the mobile phone-part increase. Maybe the 20 people daily are asking in case we do and we get direct from us towards Budgens through the station. My supervisor says that there is profit to be made to this effect. The entire amount is credited to the score of people and not pay some expenses this service. for example in case the customer wants £ 10 then the whole £ 10 passes to their accounts freely. Everyone else in the supermarket, newsagent, post office and cash (atmosphere) made phone top-up! We are the only place like that I know doesn 't do it. Maybe the company should buy the machine epay which is part-ups and pays the paper go in it? Maybe use lots of electricity? Maybe every time you do one side has small amount as 1p or whatever? Why then choose other places for them? We should have them because it would be practical and unless the customer from manufacturing deun trip when they are in hurry for their train!

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  1. This is so true, your heart is in the right place, but obviously your managers is not cos’ he only wants to do things for profit.

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