Which Is Best Cellphone In All Aspects

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funky_dude asked:

Hello I am IT Pro. It was to all the places that offer their revisions but just wanted arrivarla to review first-hand from all real users The camera usage of € ™ t, I donâ too often and not considered yellow leather and principal avid music is "of the styleâ €, the touch screen in case available nothing better than at lots of features that should make life easier in the cell phone of sense could serve as replacement for multiple products such as notebook, camera The estimate given is not constraint and the I-Phone Apple has not yet launched in India what is your selection between N95, N82, N73, HTC touch of erricson and the P990 (Sony know its antiquated but still best phones cunning by Se) and really appreciate and thank you in advance in case the registrant could write 2 or 3 lines about because on the best. Pls also more specific in addition to the 5 that I listed here in case u touch on the best

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