10 thoughts on “Where In Philippines Is There No Cellular Signal”

  1. If you’re thinking of Metro Manila then that will be hard because there are plenty of cellsites here that you can even make calls while in a basement of a parking lot. Most of the provinces have strong cellular signal too except on mountain areas.

  2. I used to work in Company installing cell site for one of the Top Telecommunication Company in the Philippines. As far as I remember Smart has the widest coverage with around 98%++ of the country. Followed by Globe with 95%++. Basically you can move around the country without worrying about signal using these Telecommunication Companies.

  3. It depends upon your mobile operator. In the philippines you better use globe telecom sim because the signal is good anywhere.

  4. I noticed that in the province where there is a lot of open area and away from civilization, I can’t get any signal.

    If you want to be sure, buy both a globe and smart sim card.

  5. In camotes island altavista Poro. I am having difficulty in contacting them many people got involve whenever I have a message to the people I need to talk to because ineed to let someone print my message and send it to a motorcycle to send it to the person I need to talk. I wish somebody can help there for signal there are many people already there who will subscribe because there is school, church and baranggay hall.

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