What’s A Good Mobile Phone For Use On Building Sites

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julie r asked:

I'm about to sign new contract for about 30 telephones of work. Can anyone put certain opinion (preferably born of experience) on what is good mobile phone for use on places of buildidng?

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  1. The Nextel ruggedized phones (there are quite a few). They are really really durable against drops dings and all that stuff that happens in the construction industry. Plus the walkie talkie part of it is great for contractors.

  2. sony erricson k610im. its absolutely indestructable. best on o2 for me.
    It got a camera, txt, call, vid call, bluetooth, games etc and i dont think its tht expensive anymore.
    you can get a cover for it too to provent scratching.
    ive dropped mine out a window before, accidently, and its stilll fine.

    Like i say, best phone ive ever had and indestructable.
    Hope this helps … =D

  3. theres 2 phoes that are made just for this perpose
    therese the jcb tough phone. which is free on contract
    and the samsung solid, aso called the M110 also free.

    the sasung has proven to be the toughest out of the 2 serving drops ect.

    tthere pirtty basic though.

    make sure you stick to a bar shaped phone, sliders and flip[s svivels ect will gert clogged with dust and break.,
    also make sure it doesnt have a joystick it will break.

    i would reccomdn getting your work force nokia 6500s
    its still a easy to use phone, with a 2 mega pixel camera ect.
    or if you can still get the a sony ericsson k610i i had one and it got run over by a car and still worked

    all these phones are avlable on all the majour networks
    good luck:)

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