Whats A Cellphone Company That Is Prepaid And Has Unlimited Texts

lashonda m asked:

Affrontilo hate those programs that companies in the phone trying to convince them to negotiate below. I 'm the which seeks mobile telephones which has pleasant and p. anticipatamenteare or go with pay while because im unlimited text of freak lyrics! AIUTILO!

3 thoughts on “Whats A Cellphone Company That Is Prepaid And Has Unlimited Texts”

  1. Just buy a prepaid sidekick, thats good for texting…
    Text messaging on a prepaid sidekick is only a dollar a day no matter how nany text messages you send or receive.

  2. I know this prolly wont be any help, but I suggest just going to each individual cell phone site (tmobile, att, us cellular, verizon, etc) and check out there prepaid sections, some phones will allow you to have a package sort deal with texts, but Im not sure, never had a prepay, they suck and rip you off, contracts arent bad at all really..you do save money and texts/night weekends on prepaid will always rip you off.

    Like boost mobile..yea that place sucks. Nextel as a whole tho so. But yea thats what Id do, call the places if your unsure, Im sure a certain cell phone representative will tell you and be of more help then us yahoo people “who dont know anything” right?.

  3. you can go to and get unlimited texting unlimited talk time to anyone any where all day long and mobile web on the phone and free 411 all for 50 bucks a month and the phones are pretty cheap so go check it out

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