What Websites Can I Go To Download Free Things To My Mobile Phone

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tiffanydyme asked:

It 'bore the s and I'm looking for things to load free programs subject to my mobile phone. What ringtones, screensavers, communities chat, jokes / forward of sending text messages, jokes normal, horoscopes, alarms. All kinds of things that can be sent daily or weekly to my mobile phone. Anyone who knows anything?

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  1. Music has been a rich source of entertainment since the ages. It still continues to throb the hearts of many. In today’s advanced technological world there are many gadgets which are kept by the users with them always like I-pod, walkman etc. There was time of Cassettes, CDs, DVDs and now is the time of recording music in USB drives, mobile phones and listening to it at ur leisure time. Sometimes we need to buy music chores and sometimes we get it free from our friends or relatives. Internet is gaining ground everyday in everybody’s life. Life is, slowly, becoming incomplete without Internet. Internet is a rich source of music, ringtones too. It provides music, ringtones; paid and free, both. But why to buy when something is available free?
    Please visit the above pages to find what u r looking for. U will find a lot of ringtones and many other things like wallpaper etc. Choose as per ur choice. I hope, it helps u.

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