18 thoughts on “What To Do If You Accidently Wash Mobile Phone In Washing Machine”

  1. I have done it twice. The first time the phone also went into the tumble dryer and was dried out and worked. 2nd time the phone was wrecked.

  2. take out all the bits – sim, battery etc. Dry the phone with the hairdryer. I dropped mine down the loo and once I had put the spare battery in the phone it worked fine. Good luck! Hope he doesn’t go too mad with you!

  3. Yep – these are the steps:

    1. take the battery out
    2. mop up the obvious excess water
    3. dismantle as far as possible, removing sim, other sliding covers etc.
    4. dry gently with a hair-dryer or similar
    5. be prepared to buy another phone 😐

  4. It may still work- a friend of mine done that with hers, everything just needed reset. If it doesn’t work just explain nicely to your partner what happened.

  5. ah don’t worry, that happens all the time, take out the battery, sim card and everything else seperate and leave it to dry for a week or so, you could try the hairdryer also.

  6. I asked a guy at the AT&T store and they said to do this:

    1. take battery out
    2. put battery in a bowl of uncooked rice (it will absorb all of the water)
    3. put your battery back in
    4. THen your phone is ready

  7. if it’s a black & white phone dry it as best as u can mechanically. this saves it from vital damage as a first aid & immediately take it to a mechanic.

    if it’s a multimedia piece just pray to god

  8. i dismantled then stuck in a drying cupboard for a few days done the trick but doesn’t work on all phones. if it doesn’t work claim on your insurance if you have no insurance get some wait a month, because accidents do happen if you know what i mean

  9. yes take out the battery and sim card and leave near a radiater overnight and in the morning if it still dont work get a hair dryer and if it still dont work charge it up and leave near a radiater to dry out completly then if it still dont work gtet him a new phone for christmas

  10. Yes, remove the battary and sim card and any memorycard.
    Put it in the airing cupboard for a week to allow it to dry thoroughly and if you are lucky it may still work.
    Its the only option you have.
    Dont turn it on for at least a week though.

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