What Should I Do With My Mobile Phone Plan When Going Overseas

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Andrew asked:

I'm going overseas from Aus in the United Kingdom. It is easier to cancel my current mobile program and buy sim to get there or just roam internationally on my current phone?

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  1. Its probably cheaper to buy a sim once you get there its pretty pricey to make calls on a phone in a different country.

  2. i saw a vid on youtube about this guy who works at the mall and they sell international sim cards which are much cheaper than the ones you buy from the provider maybe you can look around for that

  3. Well, that depends.
    1How long are you going? My cell phone company charges $5 a month to put my phone on vacation plan.
    2 Is your phone unlocked? Some phones need to be reprogrammed or “unlocked” to work in networks outside their own.
    3 How much will you be talking on the phone? Will you need to make calls all the time or do you just need to be able to be gotten a hold of? You may consider just getting a cheap phone where you’re at and doing something cheap like prepaid that way you can be gotten a hold of and have a phone in emergencies.
    Good Luck!

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