What Is The Major Difference Between IPhone And The Samsung Instinct

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I was going to leave the sprint for AT & T only for the iphone. I have no issues with service, just want mobile cold. Can I get the instinct for $ 129, the iphone for $ 199. Both programs starting rate to $ 70, so why let Sprint hours? In addition to mem 2GB on instinct against 8GB on the iPhone, what can the iPhone can make the instinct 't? Zumi inside?

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  1. the instinct is cheaper (good)

    go to youtube and type in instinct reviews and click on the ones by kravvykrav they are detailed with the differences

  2. Here is a really good article comparing the two:

    Also, I though to get the Instince you had to sign up for the $99.99 Simply Everything plan?

  3. the iphone works better than the instinct. it is very well desined and as you said has 8GB of pre-installed memory so it can double as a great ipod too or even the 16GB model. if you look on cell phone review sites whenever they review the instinct they always say its good buts it not as good as the iphone. deffinetly the iphone because with the new app store you can do so much more or if thats not enough jailbreaking it can do alot of cool things too. all i can say is go with at&t get the iphone and i can garentie you you wont be dissapointed.

  4. i would stay with sprint! at&t has bad service and the instinct is actually smaller (width wise) and has the same features, and is cheaper

  5. So far, I adore this phone. The look, feel, ease of use is wonderful. I am also amazed at the value of this phone; after rebates, the final price with tax is $148.73. The Everything Plans start at 69.99, which is what I have. Since most of the people I know are on Sprint, the “Sprint to Sprint” covers most of my minutes so I did not need unlimited talk. On all Everything Plans, text, web, navagation, ect are unlimited.

    The visual voicemail and threaded text messages are great. I also use Sprint TV when I am at the gym and I love how it works on this phone, much nicer than on my previous one. I do however wish the calendar had a countdown clock, as my old Samsung m610 did, but that a small thing and everything else overshadows this. Amazingly, when I did the “Web Sync” to get the music I have purchased from the Sprint store (I usually load my own, but I occasionally buy when I’m on the go) for my last phone, it not only re-loaded the those songs, but included ALL songs ever bought with my phone number from even 2 phones ago…

    Great phone and since iPhone doesn’t have a camcorder, even on the newer one to be released next month, the Instinct is by far the better choice for me. I use the camcorder a lot. It took a little while to figure out how to do long form video (I NEVER read the book, who does?) but the quality is great.

    The memory IS expandalbe to 8 GB and comes with two battteries. Even on the new iPhone the battery is not replacable and this remains an issue for many users.

    I have seen reviews where people complain of not be able to do certain things (ex: someone unable to change background thought it wasn’t option, when it fact you can), I find that so far I can do everything that my last phone did, and then some. It’s just a matter of taking the time to find a way, or going through the manual. When I find out something new, it’s great. I’m sure there’s more that I don’t know still.

    I am very please with this phone.

  6. Wait for the 3G iPhone. The Instinct would be nothing as compared to the iPhone. Anyways, the new iPhone is due in 2 weeks, so why not wait and see for yourself till then?

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