What Is The Cheapest Way To Phone South Africa With A Mobile Phone

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Leo asked:

Telephone regularly South Africa from the United Kingdom. I 'm the currently using that Telediscount with my expenses call and mobile phone resolves around 12p per minute (the Office of 4p for Telediscount tiny orange and the Office another 8p on top of that). Is there way most inexpensive of the call? I don 't have the use of landline. I have monthly contract with the orange.

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  1. As you have access to computer why not use VOIP like skype, don’t think there will be a really cheap way to phone using a mobile, toooooooo many wanting their £1 of flesh

  2. voip phone check out packet8, if you have internet this is the way to go as far as money is concerned

  3. If you have high speed internet, you could use VoIP to make calls to South Africa for around 2p/minute but that’d mean you’d have to pay an additional monthly tariff for your VoIP line, although these can be fairly inexpensive around £7 or so depending on the plan unless you used a softphone VoIP service like Skype. Other than that, it seems like you’ve found a decent rate with your mobile provider.

  4. Gosh! You are wasting loads of money!! You can call South Africa for free, using just your cross network minutes via access number 07744 200 011. I use it regularly. This number changes regularly. To get the latest access number call 07904119954.

    If you need extra cross network minutes you will find free contract + free handset at

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