What Is The Best Way To Rent A Mobile Phone That Will Work In France/Spain

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evseto asked:

I 'm the that goes traveling in southern France and Spain in September and would like to have mobile phone (I 'm travelling from the United States). Probably would need the phone only for 8 days or so. It should work in both countries. Of the suggestions?

2 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Rent A Mobile Phone That Will Work In France/Spain”

  1. I have never seen a phone for rent, and reading here I never found anyone admitting they even exist.
    You can bring your own mobile phone, and use your own contract. (If the phone has the band we use here in Europe and your contract allows it.)
    Or bring your phone and buy a ‘sim only’ prepaid contract, (technically you need an address in the country you buy it, but mostly a hotel address is good too.)
    Check that your phone will work here and that you can use a different simcard in it.

    Or buy a cheap phone here and try to sell it second hand when done with it, (prepaid contracts only,) again you need an address and this time they may check better.

    But for 8 days I would bring my own phone and just try not to use it unless there are emergencies.

  2. Just buy a cheap one in store. A pay as you go.

    And then ask about sim cards. There are some ‘tri band’ or ‘global sims’

    Google. Ask around…

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