4 thoughts on “What Is The Best Cellular Phone On The Market For Guys With Large Hands”

  1. Get a Blackberry…or find one of those first generation cell phones from the 80’s and 90’s! LOL I believe they called them “BRICKS” back then!

  2. it mostly depends how active you are when using your phone (mountian climbing etc.) rough activites and such if thats what you do there is a phone that can support any service that will be easily reckonized by its clip on top and it has a compass and every thing. i think its currently only a verizon sold phone but im sure if you ask your provider they might be able to make it work

  3. Get one that you flip open your phone and it’s VOICE activated! That would definately be easier! Umm.. I’ve seen two friends who have huge hands have the RAZR (I don’t recommend it cuz its reception sucks!!) But yeah… Umm… Go with something voice activated!
    My bf has fairly large hands (fingers) and he has a Samsung A670 (through Verizon). If you live in MAINE (with the US CELLULAR phone line) DON’T DON’T get a RAZR!!! It doesn’t work well!! AT ALL!!!!!… Dude seriously get CINGULAR cuz ROAMING is FREE (i roam all the time in Maine and don’t pay a dang thing for it)…. but yeah they have great deals. But definately the RAZR sucks for reception but would help with ur big hands situation!

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