What Cellular Service Works Best In San Diego

Russ Bus asked:

Im going to San Diego and Im going to try something different that my Verizon. What cellular provider has the best filling and reception there? Im going to get smart phone so I need all the fill that digital can achieve.

8 thoughts on “What Cellular Service Works Best In San Diego”

  1. verison or sprint are the best in certain parts of california

    those services work best with the motorola razors

    good luck

  2. Hi Russ
    Sorry to say but I dont think you are going to get fair and honest answers here. People that answer tend to judge by where they live and are not answering your question based on living experence in San Diego.
    I would recomend to you asking your question at
    The have a forum for all the carriers, you will get honest real life answers there from people that live in San Diego and are really into mobile phones and technology. best of luck in your move

  3. If i were you i wouldn’t waste my time on other services if you already have what is consider one of the best nationwide coverage services. You will probably be disappointed with another carrier that you are not familiar with. Is there a reason you are not happy with your verizon and want to switch if not i would stay with the reliable name you have. Good luck

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