Most Popular Mobile Phone Types/features In England

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abbazoodafish asked:

Make the people in England prefer run-phones or gender normal mobile phone (that doesn 't open vibration)? What are the characteristics most popular in England?

2 thoughts on “ Most Popular Mobile Phone Types/features In England”

  1. i prefer flips phone because the screen dosent get scrathced and some hold more memory i prefer sony ericson they have a lot of memory flip phones are great for music

  2. here in UK it mostly depend on the to which age group one belong… for eg
    35-45 year old stick to any mobile they having
    25-34 year old tends to change once every year that come free with the contract, mostly business mobile
    16-24 year old very volatile market change mobile every 3-6 month, mostly trendy mobile, slide, flip latest function mobile

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