Telecom Provider Vodafone is introducing new service for both mobile phones and internet. Vodafone
The service is called Vodafone 360
It allows the contact in the phone to combine with community Internet sites, including Facebook.

This made Vodafone, the second largest provider of mobile services measured by revenues, announced on Thursday.

The company wants to take the new service to many mobile phones including the iPhone 3GS and BlackBerry.

Vodafone hopes to play as the growing demand for Internet-enabled mobile phone on, consult e-mail, sharing photos and the use of social networking.

According to Vodafone, the new service allows full details of both the mobile and Internet to gather in one place.
This allows the user to all contacts directly from various websites and programs. It is also possible to take photos and share music and games.
Should the data user to adjust one of the web sites, this will directly synchronised.

This keeps the information updated, ensures Vodafone. By Christmas, the first devices with this service in 8 European countries will be available.