Using A Mobile Phone Whilst Driving A Car Is Illegal And Dangerous. Are Your Human Rights Infringed

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If you think you are denying right somehow fulfilled provide details. Giustifichi alternately using mobile phone when they conduct car. They should devices mandatory measure to cars to make it impossible to use mobile phones by jammimg transmission and reception of microwave? Could sorprenderla much evidence that there are continuing with cars measure with the blocking of devices that will make it impossible to receive or transmit messages to mobile phone as long as the engine is running. This will make the current law irrevalant.

15 thoughts on “Using A Mobile Phone Whilst Driving A Car Is Illegal And Dangerous. Are Your Human Rights Infringed”

  1. People do not have the right to drive while distracted, But people do have the right to drive on a safe road,and no worry about someone who is distracted while driving.

  2. What about the human rights of the people who are injured or killed by some stupid moron who’s not giving his/her full attention to driving?

  3. how can this be an infringement on human right if it saves lives. We all coped well enough before mobile phones, lets just get over it and get on with our lives – so we cant use them while driving – so what!?

  4. Driving has never been a “right” Human or otherwise. It is a privilege that should be revoked if you can’t follow the law’s, or respect other peoples “right” to have safer drivers on the road.

    P.S. sounds like you’r trying to get us to do your homework for you ROFLOL!!!!!! 😉

  5. Human Rights!!! Are you real? What has Human Rights got to do with driving a car, sometimes at speed with one or no hands?
    Victims of accidents have rights too! The right to live and not be crippled by morons. Get off the HR bandwagon. It does not impress!

  6. HR are not being infringed. If you want to kill yourself, do it in private, not somewhere where you can cause a catastrophic accident. That’s what I say!

  7. It IS dangerous, but not illegal in every state… Florida for example. There is no infringement on the part of the Government when it comes to regulating where or how we talk on the phone, especially when it comes to driving. I feel that other motorists who feel compelled to talk on the phone are infringing on everyone’s right to travel safely. Keep in mind the highway speed limit is 70mph here, which means most people drive about 80mph… the one person who is distracted driving 55 in the center lane normally can cause the highway to shut down for hours after an accident.

  8. I suppose you have the “human right” to kill yourself if you wish, but you aren’t half infringing the “human rights” of the poor sod you hit while you’re on the phone!

  9. It is NOT illegal to use a mobile phone when driving, in spite of what the campaigners tell you.

    It is perfectly legal to use a hands-free device.

    There is the bague and unenforceable provision that those who are deemed to be distracted to the point that driving sufferes, or if it can be demonstrated that an accident resulted from the use of even a hands-free conversation, there may be a case for the prosecution.

    In reality, the latter part is just so much twaddle, because it would be largely impossible to prove.

    The government took the most sensible action, and reached a compromise; thus leaving the Police and Taxi Drivers to chat away as they feel fit.

  10. No, your rights are not being infringed. Your “rights” are yours to use as long as they DO NOT HARM OTHERS. Multiple studies already show that cellphone-using drivers have a worse reaction time than drunk drivers. Is your right to drink being infringed upon when DUI is illegal? It’s a safety issue, not a rights issue.

  11. if , sorry when i see people talking on their mobile phones while driving ,i just want to ram them of the roads it makes me
    so angry , roads where a lot safer before them damn things where invented and i would jam all the airwaves through out uk to “kill of mobile bloody phones”they are everywhere i was even at a funeral and one went off, not to mention i saw somebody talking on a mobile ,while texting on another with an OTHER MOBILE AROUND HIS NECK RINGING(THANKFULLY NOT DRIVING A CAR ) or he would be in a ditch

  12. Its illegal to drive while on the phone in Aussie too.

    I have had a few near misses from twits who think themselves above the law, while talking & texting when driving.

    If involved in an accident while texting & talking on mobile phone, the driver can expect to be charged with reckless driving, loss of demerit points, and a few orther charges, especially if someone was injured or killed due to text & talking, possibly even jail time. Add alcohol and other drugs to this scenario things could be a lot worse, for the driver, and they deserve to have the book thrown at them.

    Most laws are in place to protect us all, and should not be flaunted by some people who think they are super beings, or they think its the their “right” to do the oppersite of the rest of us.

    If someone injures or kills a person due to reckless behaviour, then suffer the concequences.

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