unlocked cellphones
Scott84 asked:

Hello, I have black pearl of berry that hatred, close it up continuously and the last of about 4 hours battery that seems. I want to buy an unlocked cell phone that has lifespan and battery life long. I found Sony Ericsson W810i in line for $ 220, but this phone has been out since 2006, is old? Gradico that takes good pictures 2 mega pixel and autofocus. What would be good alternative phones that Sony has cars and fire +2 mega pixels, lifetime of the battery long and can play music? Another phone was examining was Motorola Razr, I feel that have lifespan of the battery long? Gradico that smaller phones. The lifespan of the battery is must. Thus, new version of alternative W810i or Razr? Or think the W810 you are good enough?