Top Nokia E71 Apps

Here is list of The best apps made for this epic phone by Finnish mobile phone company Nokia.

E71 Apps

Free Nokia E71 Software: Nokia Point and Find Is Totally Amazing …

Get Nokia Point and Find: The Most Amazing Application For The Nokia E71! Point To A Movie Poster With The Camera and Watch The Trailer, Or Point Product and Find Low Prices.

Free Application: PhoNetInfo Gives All Your E71 Information In One …

If you’re looking for great utility application for the Nokia E71 then PhoneNetInfo should be on your list. It’s very simple application that gives you all the numbers, specs, and info about your E71. Best of all, it’s free. …

Google Search Application, Maps, And Youtube Updated For E71

Last month I showed you the official Google Search App for the Nokia E71. It has recently been updated along with other mobile applications from Google including Youtube and Google Maps. The Youtube application and Google Search app …

A Guide to Completely Google-lizing Your Nokia Smartphone …

I picked up an unlocked Nokia E71 few months ago. I was looking for ways to access my Gmail, synchronize my contacts, and manage my calendars, but the. … Thankfully, there is simple and handy application available from Google that offers faster and more convenient access to these services. The download is the same for all Nokia S60-based devices and the content layout will automatically optimize to best suit your display. This means that everything from the Nokia …

Nokia E71 Tips: Make Your E71 More Efficient by Adding Tons of …

In fact, there is an unknown feature on the E71 where you can program the 4 keys around the dpad to open something in long press. But there is an application that definitively masters shortcuts, it is called ”Cute Keys” and it is …

Email On E71: Review Of The Nokia Messaging Service

Here’s the link to the Nokia Messaging website with full instructions on how to get the application working on your device. If you have any trouble installing or setting up your account, leave comment below and I’d be happy to answer.

If you know any other great apps for Nokia E71 then let us know in the comments!

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  3. the drawack of nokia e71 is that it has 2.5mm audio jack..!! while most of the other cell phones have 3.5mm…which is more convenient..

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